Horace Parlan Quintet Speakin' My Piece Blue Note 4043 Ear RVG 43 West

$779.00 USD
May 16, 2018 - 05:13:10 PM GMT (7 months ago)
Horace-parlan-quintet-speakin-my-piece-blue-note-4043-ear-rvg-43-west_39327144 Horace-parlan-quintet-speakin-my-piece-blue-note-4043-ear-rvg-43-west_39327145 Horace-parlan-quintet-speakin-my-piece-blue-note-4043-ear-rvg-43-west_39327147
I am liquidating a great Jazz collection for a friend who just purchased an estate. I have 19 original Blue Note Albums that I will be listing this week and I have probably about 100 more great collectible albums mostly jazz and blues that I will be selling in the next month or so. Please check back for new listings. I am not a professional dealer but have done my best in the description above and the pictures to accurately describe the album. This is Blue Note 4043. The original release date is November, 1960. The vinyl has RVG stamped and the Plastylite P or ear stamped on both sides. Side 1 reads BN LP 4043 A and Side 2 reads BN LP 4043 B. This has a beaded edge. The address on the label is 47 West 63rd and the cover shows 43 West 61st. Both sides are deep groove. Please email me any questions. I am not offering a buy it now and I am not ending this early. I will let the market determine what this is worth. Domestic shipping with insurance is $10. Registered International mail is $40.
May 09, 2018 - 05:13:10 PM GMT (7 months ago)
Horace-parlan-quintet-speakin-my-piece-blue-note-4043-ear-rvg-43-west_39327148 Horace-parlan-quintet-speakin-my-piece-blue-note-4043-ear-rvg-43-west_39327150 Horace-parlan-quintet-speakin-my-piece-blue-note-4043-ear-rvg-43-west_39327153 Horace-parlan-quintet-speakin-my-piece-blue-note-4043-ear-rvg-43-west_39327154 Horace-parlan-quintet-speakin-my-piece-blue-note-4043-ear-rvg-43-west_39327156 Horace-parlan-quintet-speakin-my-piece-blue-note-4043-ear-rvg-43-west_39327158 Horace-parlan-quintet-speakin-my-piece-blue-note-4043-ear-rvg-43-west_39327161 Horace-parlan-quintet-speakin-my-piece-blue-note-4043-ear-rvg-43-west_39327162


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