Humble Pie Faces 5 LP Lot Ogden's Nut Gone Flake Long Player Snakes And Ladders

$15.50 USD
June 13, 2018 - 09:24:20 PM GMT (6 months ago)
Humble-pie-faces-5-lp-lot-ogden-s-nut-gone-flake-long-player-snakes-and-ladders--2_39962063 Humble-pie-faces-5-lp-lot-ogden-s-nut-gone-flake-long-player-snakes-and-ladders--2_39962066 Humble-pie-faces-5-lp-lot-ogden-s-nut-gone-flake-long-player-snakes-and-ladders--2_39962068
The Faces - Humble Pie - Rod Stewart Lot of 5 vinyl LPS. The outer sleeves are worn to varying degrees; the vinyl is in very good condition; see details below. Small Faces - Ogden's Nut Gone Flake AA-4425 See photos; the outer sleeve is partially missing, inner sleeve and vinyl in very good condition. Faces - Long Player WS1892 minor surface wear Faces - Snakes And Ladders BS2897 Rod Stewart - Every Picture Tells A Story SRM1-609 Humble Pie's Greatest Hits IML2005 These records are from my personal collection, I am not a wholesaler. The vinyl has been well cared for, I try to give an accurate description of condition, I am not a professional grader. Feel free to ask more questions if needed. Thanks!
June 06, 2018 - 09:24:20 PM GMT (6 months ago)
Humble-pie-faces-5-lp-lot-ogden-s-nut-gone-flake-long-player-snakes-and-ladders--2_39962069 Humble-pie-faces-5-lp-lot-ogden-s-nut-gone-flake-long-player-snakes-and-ladders--2_39962071 Humble-pie-faces-5-lp-lot-ogden-s-nut-gone-flake-long-player-snakes-and-ladders--2_39962072 Humble-pie-faces-5-lp-lot-ogden-s-nut-gone-flake-long-player-snakes-and-ladders--2_39962075 Humble-pie-faces-5-lp-lot-ogden-s-nut-gone-flake-long-player-snakes-and-ladders--2_39962077


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