JADE WARRIOR uk 1971 1st VERTIGO SWIRL "RELEASED" (6360 062) 1Y//1/2Y//1 MINT-

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February 13, 2018 - 10:00:26 PM GMT (11 months ago)
Jade-warrior-uk-1971-1st-vertigo-swirl-released-6360-062-1y-1-2y-1-mint_36901706 Jade-warrior-uk-1971-1st-vertigo-swirl-released-6360-062-1y-1-2y-1-mint_36901711 Jade-warrior-uk-1971-1st-vertigo-swirl-released-6360-062-1y-1-2y-1-mint_36901715
ARTIST: JADE WARRIOR TITLE: RELEASED CATALOGUE NUMBER: 6360 062 MATRIX NUMBERS: SIDE 1: 6360062 1Y//1 SIDE 2: 6360062 2Y//1 This is the press with the 6 Panal fold out cover,but what makes this such a fantastic copy is the vinyl.. IT`S SPOTLESS!! with no scratches and also the audio is simply amazing!!!....even the quiet tracks play MINT- THE LABELS HAVE NO SPLINDLE MARKS WHICH SHOWS THIS LP HAS HARDLY BEEN PLAYED!!..POSSIBLY JUST A FEW TIMES!! UNBELIEVABLE COPY AND A FINAL UPGRADE ON THE VINYL!! COVER: VG+ to EX- The 6 panal fold out cover is in nice condition with no writing or stickers, there is just tiny bits of rubbing and age wear..(this is such a flimsy cover which can easily tear..but this copy is nice) LABELS: NM The 1st press swirl labels are nice with no damage or spindle marks RECORD: MINT- The record which comes in a swirl inner is in TOTALLY AMAZING CONDITION...WITH NO SCRATCHES visible..it shines just like when it was first released, even under strong light and tilting the record it is hard to see any scratches (just a couple of the faintest removal marks)..Just a true final upgrade The lp lies flat on the track and plays superb with all the tracks playing mint-...even the quieter tracks you cannot hear any crackles, clicks or pops and certainly no sound distortion and it does not stick or jump Post is UK £4 EUROPE £9 ELSEWHERE £13
February 08, 2018 - 10:00:26 PM GMT (11 months ago)
LP (12-Inch)
Jade-warrior-uk-1971-1st-vertigo-swirl-released-6360-062-1y-1-2y-1-mint_36901717 Jade-warrior-uk-1971-1st-vertigo-swirl-released-6360-062-1y-1-2y-1-mint_36901720 Jade-warrior-uk-1971-1st-vertigo-swirl-released-6360-062-1y-1-2y-1-mint_36901722 Jade-warrior-uk-1971-1st-vertigo-swirl-released-6360-062-1y-1-2y-1-mint_36901723


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