Joblot of 6 1980's Prog Rock LP's, Marillion, It Bites, Tears For Fears

$22.26 USD
September 14, 2018 - 02:59:18 PM GMT (4 months ago)
Joblot-of-6-1980-s-prog-rock-lp-s-marillion-it-bites-tears-for-fears_41910261 Joblot-of-6-1980-s-prog-rock-lp-s-marillion-it-bites-tears-for-fears_41910272 Joblot-of-6-1980-s-prog-rock-lp-s-marillion-it-bites-tears-for-fears_41910283
This is a Joblot of 6 Prog Rock related LP's from the 1980's featuring Marillion, It Bites, Tears For Fears. The LP's are all in good to very good condition as are the sleeves and covers. Please take a good look at the photos to see what is available. A great low start bid on this one. Any questions please feel free to ask and I will respond as soon as I can. Thanks for looking.
September 07, 2018 - 02:59:18 PM GMT (4 months ago)
33 RPM
Joblot-of-6-1980-s-prog-rock-lp-s-marillion-it-bites-tears-for-fears_41910286 Joblot-of-6-1980-s-prog-rock-lp-s-marillion-it-bites-tears-for-fears_41910289 Joblot-of-6-1980-s-prog-rock-lp-s-marillion-it-bites-tears-for-fears_41910292 Joblot-of-6-1980-s-prog-rock-lp-s-marillion-it-bites-tears-for-fears_41910293 Joblot-of-6-1980-s-prog-rock-lp-s-marillion-it-bites-tears-for-fears_41910294 Joblot-of-6-1980-s-prog-rock-lp-s-marillion-it-bites-tears-for-fears_41910295


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