Joni Mitchell 4 Vintage LPs Clouds,Court & Spark, For the Roses, Joni Mitchell

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January 13, 2021 - 08:09:29 PM GMT (14 days ago)
Clouds Reprise 6341 1969Some light scratchesSome water spots on inside of fold.Someone lovingly labeled all my albums with my name. On the back of the cover and also on the label. Sorry about that.Still a wonderful album and good listening. Enjoy. Court and Spark 1974 Asylum 7E-1001 This album seems to have a manufacturers flaw. There is a thumbprintindentation on both sides of the LP. No idea why. Does not effect play.The outside of the sleeve is a little dirty from being stored with other albums. For the Roses 1972 Asylum SD 5057The spine of the cover has a 1-1/4" tear at the top.Some loving person put my name on the outer sleeve on the back. Sorry. Joni Mitchell The cover is split at the bottom.My name appears slightly on the back of the cover and on the label.Side one has a couple of noisy spots but not enough to ruin the experience.
January 06, 2021 - 08:09:29 PM GMT (21 days ago)
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