KANDY KOLORED KONSPIRACY One Million People 45 on Media Texas garage HEAR!

$482.99 USD
October 13, 2019 - 08:21:04 PM GMT (8 months ago)
KANDY KOLORED KONSPIRACY One Million People / Konspiracy 68 45 on Media (007) Condition: Beautiful NM copy with new gloss! Comments: Stellar garage rocker from this Waco teen band! The flip side, "Konspiracy 68" is not bad either; a good mod fuzz guitar instrumental. Listen to a clip from the actual record on sale: "One Million People"Powered by eCommercePlayer.com "Konspiracy 68"Powered by eCommercePlayer.com Check my other auctions for a HEAVY dose of Texas garage/psych/frat/rock 45s! MY GRADING SYSTEM:M- Mint Minus or Near Mint: a record or cover that is practically unused and bears little to no signs of wear.EX Excellent: Just short of mint, with only the smallest sleeve marks or incidental marks.VG+ Very Good Plus: records in this grade are very well taken care of and only show the slightest hairline marks. Should still play near perfect if it is a good pressing. Covers will only bear slight wear.VG Very Good: This is the condition that most old and used (but not abused) records are found in. The record should have a moderately-worn looking surface but no deep scratches. It will still be an enjoyable listen. Covers will bear more advanced seam splitting, corner dings, or writing.VG- Very Good Minus: This is a record which still has a little life in it, but is likely to be very marked up and may bear deeper scratches, scuffs, etc. Cover may have long seam splits, writing, and water damage.G Good: This is a record that is very heavily worn but may or may not still play OK. Used and abused. I will only list rare items in this condition. I will occasionally add a + (plus) to this grade to indicate that it plays better than it looks.P Poor: A record that is so rough that it will most likely not play through without skipping or jumping. Only very rare records will be listed in this grade, and would only serve as a place holder or wall hanger in ones collection.***I SHIP WORLDWIDE!*** Domestic Shipping: LP's: (Media Mail) $4.50 for the first two LP's, 50 cents extra for each additional. 45's: (First Class) $4.50 for the first two 45's, and 50 cents per each additional. 78's: (Media Mail) $6.50 for the first 78, $1 for each additional up to 5 per box. Well packed!Overseas Shipping: LP's: (First Class Airmail) $23 for the first LP, and $3 for each additional. 45's: (First Class Airmail) $12.50 for the first three or four 45's, and $23 for four to eight 45's.78's: (First Class Airmail) $20 for the first two 78's, $4 for each additional up to 5 per box. Well packed!Canada: LP's: $16.50 for the first LP. $2 for each additional. 45's: $10.50 for the first 45 and $1 for each additional. Priority, registered, insured options all available for purchases. Please inquire if you want any of these options!Please note that double albums, gatefold albums, box sets, and heavy vinyl pressings may cost a little more to ship than the quoted prices due to their weight. If you have any questions or concerns about this, inquire for a shipping quote. Thanks!
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