KERRY ADAMS Fast Talking Lover I Just Found Love CALLA NORTHERN SOUL USA 45

$12.81 USD
September 12, 2019 - 12:06:09 PM GMT (6 months ago)
Powered by INFO - KERRY ADAMS - Fast Talking Lover / I Just Found Love - CALLA 103ORIGIN - ORIGINAL USA 60'S RELEASEDESCRIPTION -FORGOTTEN DOUBLE SIDED UPBEAT GUTSY MOVERS- WE MAIL FIVE SINGLES FOR THE SAME PRICE AS ONE - HAPPY HUNTING. GRADING. - WHILST EVERY DISC IS CHECKED VISUALLY , PLEASE CHECK THE SOUND CLIP TO ENSURE THE DISC IS TO YOUR STANDARD.READ THROUGH THE GRADING CAREFULLY BEFORE BIDDING. I TRY TO BE AS ACCURATE AS POSSIBLE, BUT SLIPS CAN HAPPEN, BUT THEY CAN ALWAYS BE RESOLVED.THE SOUND CLIPS ARE NOT ENHANCED IN ANY WAY,AND ALWAYS COME FROM THE ACTUAL DISC BEING SOLD . Mint. Perfect record, New, never out of sleeve.Should Play perfect.M- . Very clean, only a few light marks. Plays perfect. E+ - A few very light marks, Almost non-audible. Plays close to perfect.E - Maybe more light marks, odd heavier mark, Plays with odd background noise, OK for DJ's and most homes.E- - More heavier marks,maybe some background noise on the marks, OK for DJ's and most homes.VG+ Well used, many heavy marks and damaged areas. Will play ok with clicks and crackles in parts.Still Ok for DJ's.VG -Getting into Filler area - many heavy marks, definite background noise. listen to the sound clip and see if its ok for you, usually a record that you dont often see.ALL RECORDS WILL PLAY THROUGH WITHOUT SKIPS OR STICKS UNLESS STATED IN DESCRIPTION. Cracks will be stated in description and not taken into account on grade. SHIPPING - POSTAGE UP TO 5 SINGLES -FOR EVERY PACKAGE I MAIL I CAN PROVIDE PROOF OF POSTING - THIS HOWEVER DOES NOT RESULT IN COMPENSATION FOR LOST PACKAGES -
September 05, 2019 - 12:06:09 PM GMT (6 months ago)
45 RPM


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