KISS Alive 2 LP Set Casablanca NBLP 7020 1975 Sealed Mint UNPLAYED RARE!!

$910.00 USD
December 07, 2018 - 01:00:01 AM GMT (3 months ago)
Kiss-alive-2-lp-set-casablanca-nblp-7020-1975-sealed-mint-unplayed-rare_43807433 Kiss-alive-2-lp-set-casablanca-nblp-7020-1975-sealed-mint-unplayed-rare_43807451 Kiss-alive-2-lp-set-casablanca-nblp-7020-1975-sealed-mint-unplayed-rare_43807475
Kiss Alive! Sealed Vinyl Record Lp USA 1975 Orig Casablanca NBLP 7020-798 Hype Sticker Label: Casablanca Records Product Code: NBLP 7020-798 Format: Virgin Vinyl 2 Lp Set - Original Factory Sealed Comes with an 8 page booklet insert featuring photos of the band. Casablanca inner sleeves. Spine reads "NBLP 7020-798" MONSTER RARE IN THESE DAYS PLEASE LOOK AT THE PICTURES BELOW TO GET FURTHER INFORMATION
November 30, 2018 - 01:00:01 AM GMT (3 months ago)
Kiss-alive-2-lp-set-casablanca-nblp-7020-1975-sealed-mint-unplayed-rare_43807493 Kiss-alive-2-lp-set-casablanca-nblp-7020-1975-sealed-mint-unplayed-rare_43807516 Kiss-alive-2-lp-set-casablanca-nblp-7020-1975-sealed-mint-unplayed-rare_43807536 Kiss-alive-2-lp-set-casablanca-nblp-7020-1975-sealed-mint-unplayed-rare_43807553 Kiss-alive-2-lp-set-casablanca-nblp-7020-1975-sealed-mint-unplayed-rare_43807570


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