Large Vinyl Record Collection approx 1,400 LPs Rock Pop Soul

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May 16, 2018 - 08:49:18 PM GMT (7 months ago)
Large-vinyl-record-collection-approx-1-400-lps-rock-pop-soul_39332826 Large-vinyl-record-collection-approx-1-400-lps-rock-pop-soul_39332829 Large-vinyl-record-collection-approx-1-400-lps-rock-pop-soul_39332830
Large Vinyl Record Collection approx 1,400 LPs Rock Pop Soul Large Vinyl Record Collection approx 1,400 LPs Rock Pop Soul Click images to enlarge Description Large Vinyl Record Collection approx 1,400 LPs Rock Pop Soul If you are interested in this auction but can't pick it up the albums, you can still own this collection, but please contact me for shipping charges before bidding. About the photos: The first photo shows one shelf to indicated how the albums are stored. The second shows how the LAST sticker looks (upper left corner). The rest are a partial listing of the artists. EBay allows only 12 photos, so I cannot put up the rest of the artists. Contact me if you want the complete artist list, or the full album list. It takes a couple of days for the complete list to be sent because of eBay's retrictions. The value of the collection: I valued this collection by looking up each album on eBay to see what the typical selling price is. Of course, some albums don't sell at all, so I took that into consideration. But many sell for more than the value I assigned to them, so it all averages out. I came up with a total valuation of approximately $6,000 if each album were sold separately. About my collection: All of these albums are from my personal collection. They have been stored vertically with slight pressure, with outer sleeves to protect the covers. My home is smoke-free. The climate here is cool and dry, perfect for record storage. The genres include rock/pop, folk, soul, oldies, AOR (album oriented rock), motion picture soundtracks, various artists collections, etc. The music spans several decades, from the fifties to the early 1990s. Some are promo copies. Some are cut-outs. These will have a punch or notch or cut corner. How the albums were cared for: After purchase and before playing, the vinyl was cleaned with either a special record cleaning brush (has exploded tips to get into the grooves; the record is washed with water and a small amount of gentle detergent, then rinsed and thoroughly dried), or with a Nitty Gritty Record Cleaning Machine. In fact, most of the albums were cleaned with the brush and then later cleaned with the Nitty Gritty. Both of these methods are excellent for removing mold release compounds and all kinds of dust and dirt. After cleaning, in most cases, LAST Record Preservative (Liquid Archival Sound Treatment) was applied to the vinyl. LAST Increases stability of the vinyl so that it can withstand repeated playings. It also improves the sound even the first time the record is played. There are some articles available on the Internet. Check out website. A LAST sticker was applied to the upper left corner of the album cover. If the presence of the LAST sticker bothers you, it can be removed fairly easily by heating it slightly and gently peeling it off. Condition of the vinyl and covers: Overall, the albums are in Very Good to Near Mint condition. Most are Very Good + or Very Good ++. See Condition Grading below. All records have an inner sleeve, some of which are archival. All albums have an outer sleeve to protect the cover. Some covers might have stickers, punches, tears, name stamp, etc., but all are at least acceptable. If you have questions about a particular item, contact me and I will check it out for you. One outstanding feature of my albums is that I played them very little. When I bought an album, I played the entire album once while recording the songs to a cassette tape or CD. I listened to the tracks on the tape or CD a few times. Then I chose the best songs and played them again just to get them recorded to a compilation cassette or CD. A few years ago, I made a “library” of these songs to CD. Other than that, these albums have been stored and not played again. I have played the albums with very high quality turntables, cartridges, and styli. I purchased most of my albums new and still sealed. However, many were pre-owned when I acquired them. Of course, I have no way of knowing how they were handled or played before I got them. Generally, if a pre-owned album turned out to be damaged, I returned it to the store. This collection includes some albums that were purchased at yard sales, and in that case, if I liked the album, I kept it. Out of those, there might be a few that would be considered in Good condition. Condition Grading NM (Near Mint): No scratches, no skips, no surface noise. Record has been played extremely carefully on a quality turntable. No cutouts or ring-wear on the jacket. Otherwise mint but has one or two tiny inconsequential flaws that do not affect play. VG++ (Very Good ++): Very close to being NM. Hardly any signs of wear to vinyl or jacket. VG+ (Very Good +): Some signs of wear to cover. Vinyl might have light scuffs and very light scratches that have little or no effect on listening quality. VG (Very Good): Clear signs of use. Limited scuffs and scratches causing surface noise. Cover may have ring wear, seam splits, bent corners, loss of gloss, stains, etc G (Good): Acceptable condition. Very clear signs of use and wear. Vinyl well used scuffed and scratched but not useless. Jacket very worn. How to obtain a list of the artists, albums, and tracks: To request a complete list of artists and albums, please contact me. I will try to send you a series of jpegs that contain the complete list. The list includes a Comments column that contains additional information about the album, such as gatefold, number of discs, etc. If you would like the track listing, please email me, or you can find track listings on Amazon, Wikipedia, etc. Shipping or pick-up information: The record collection is in Laramie, Wyoming. If you want the collection to be shipped to you, please contact me before bidding. Based on your location and the shipping method you prefer, I will provide the shipping cost per box of albums. If you can pick up the albums, you can save a lot of money. Boxes will be provided. You may pay ahead of time through PayPal, or you can bring cash payment when you pick up the collection. If you pay by PayPal, you may pick up the collection any time after that. If you are paying cash at time of pickup, the payment and pickup must be completed within 14 days of the auction close. Images sell! 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Large-vinyl-record-collection-approx-1-400-lps-rock-pop-soul_39332831 Large-vinyl-record-collection-approx-1-400-lps-rock-pop-soul_39332833 Large-vinyl-record-collection-approx-1-400-lps-rock-pop-soul_39332834 Large-vinyl-record-collection-approx-1-400-lps-rock-pop-soul_39332835 Large-vinyl-record-collection-approx-1-400-lps-rock-pop-soul_39332836 Large-vinyl-record-collection-approx-1-400-lps-rock-pop-soul_39332838 Large-vinyl-record-collection-approx-1-400-lps-rock-pop-soul_39332839 Large-vinyl-record-collection-approx-1-400-lps-rock-pop-soul_39332840


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