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Led-zeppelin-physical-graffiti-or-vg-2lp-pocket-die-cut-cvr-insert-photo-inners_39962093 Led-zeppelin-physical-graffiti-or-vg-2lp-pocket-die-cut-cvr-insert-photo-inners_39962095
HELLO BIDDERS! Please note that bidding on an item constitutes a binding contract. ALL media items, RECORDS/TAPES/REELS/CD'S are FINAL SALE, unless defective, and PROVED so on OUR equipment. PLEASE READ!!! **FOR RECORDS: ITEMS ARE VISUALLY GRADED UNDER A T-4 HALOGEN LAMP, UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED. RECORDS ARE NOT PLAY GRADED UNLESS SPECIFICALLY STATED SO. PLEASE KNOW THIS BEFORE YOU BID. ALL MEDIA PRODUCTS; RECORDS/TAPES/REELS/CD'S ARE FINAL SALE. RECORDS LISTED AS "OR." OR ORIGINAL ARE ORIGINAL PRESSINGS. RECORDS NOT LISTED AS "OR." ARE EITHER REISSUES, IMPORTS, OR WE SIMPLY DO NOT KNOW WHETHER OR NOT IT IS AN ORIGINAL, SO WE WILL NOT LIST IT AS ONE. WE DO NOT REFUND FOR A "DIFFERENCE OF GRADING OPINION." AGAIN, ALL MEDIA ITEMS ARE FINAL SALE!!!!! WE CANNOT DETERMINE HOW WELL A RECORD/TAPE/REEL/ OR CD WILL PLAY ON THE VAST ARRAY OF EQUIPMENT STILL UTILIZED IN THE WORLD, THUS OUR EQUIPMENT IS THE STANDARD FOR OUR LISTINGS. *ALL ITEMS MUST BE PAID WITHIN 2 DAYS. WE ALLOW 2 DAYS AND/OR 15 ITEMS PER INVOICE FROM 1ST WINNING ITEM IN WHICH TO BID ON OTHER ITEMS TO OBTAIN A MULTI-ITEM S&H DISCOUNT. IF YOU PURCHASE MORE THAN ONE ITEM AT A TIME, PLEASE WAIT TO PAY UNTIL WE SEND YOU AN INVOICE WITH YOUR S&H DISCOUNT. IF YOU PAY BEFORE WE INVOICE YOU, YOU WILL LOSE YOUR MULTI-ITEM S&H DISCOUNT. ALSO, WE NOW HAVE AN EBAY ASSISTANT FOR NON-PAYING BIDDERS. YOU MUST EMAIL US FOR PERMISSION, PRIOR TO BIDDING, IF YOU WILL NEED MORE THAN 4 DAYS TO PAY. OTHERWISE, A NON-PAYING BIDDER CASE WILL AUTOMATICALLY BE OPENED AND MONITORED BY EBAY IF YOU HAVE NOT PAID IN THE ALLOTED 2 DAY PAYMENT TIME PERIOD. WE MARK ALL ITEMS "SHIPPED," BUT DO NOT POST TRACKING BECAUSE OF OUR WORK SCHEDULE. HOWEVER, YOUR U.S. TRACKING NUMBER OR INTERNATIONAL REGISTERED NUMBER IS AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST, AND GLADLY PROVIDED.*OTHER ITEMS: WE EXPRESS NO WARRANTY OR GUARANTEE FOR ANY ITEMS THAT WE HAVE NOT TESTED, OR KNOW FOR A FACT TO BE NOT IN WORKING ORDER OR USED. WE EXPRESS NO WARRANTY OR GUARANTEE OF WORKING OR NEW ITEMS, UNLESS IMPLIED BY THE MANUFACTURER.*ASK QUESTIONS WHILE THE AUCTIONS ARE STILL CURRENT, NOT AFTER THEY'VE CLOSED, AND ALLOW 24-48 HOURS FOR A RESPONSE. CONTACT US THROUGH THE EBAY ITEM "ASK SELLER A QUESTION" FOR THE FASTEST RESPONSE. IF YOU EMAIL OUR PRIVATE EMAIL ADDRESS, A RESPONSE COULD TAKE 5-7 DAYS. ******************************************************** Hello! We Will be offering an array of other goodies from our shop, vast collections, and consignments! Please check out our other items! ***PLEASE NOTE*** WE ACCEPT PAYPAL PAYMENTS FOR VERIFIED/CONFIRMED CUSTOMERS ONLY. SHIPPING*** As you ALL are aware, the USPS/U.S. Post Office raised its rates 7-10% again on Jan.16th, 2016. Unfortunately, for the first time in almost 10 years, we will be forced to raise our shipping rates as well. It also does not help matters when Ebay takes an additional 10% fee of your postage.RECORD GRADES: These grades are for records, not covers. See entire description above for other grading details. Covers will be graded differently and can be seen in the photos with the magnifying glass for your inspection. I will not be observing covers in depth for “dings” and “creases,” but will obviously describe any major flaws,splits,writing. Please see the item description and photos for your inspection. And by all means,please ask if you have a specific question regarding any record,cover,sleeve,insert.MINT: Sealed. Only sealed, NEW items will receive this grade. We entirely disagree with all of the Ebay sellers who say their “opened” and “used” records are “MINT” or worse, “STONE MINT.” It is impossible by definition alone. Any open item is no longer “new” and therefore no longer “mint.” It's pretty simple.NM: A record that may only have slight pressing or handling imperfections. Few to no surface hairlines or scuffs. Plays thoroughly without sticks or skips. Little to no surface noise.VG++: Visual and/or audio signs of play, but still well taken care of. May have a few surface hairlines,scuffs or surface scratches that do not affect play. Plays thoroughly without skips or sticks. May have a bit of light, intermittent surface noise in between tracks or in quieter passages.VG+: Visual and/or audio signs of more significant play or handling. May have more significant surface marks, but none tactile. Plays thoroughly with or without an intermittent tick and some surface noise, but not overpowering the music. May have a stick or skip. Still, a very listenable item.VG: Visual and audio wear. Will play with varying or constant surface noise. May have one or more significant or tactile marks causing a tick, skip, or stick once or more during play. Mostly reserved for very rare or scare items as a “starter” copy of a very hard to find item. GOOD: Not good, and unless wholesaled mainly for the covers, not a grade that is particularly used. We DO combine items for a multi-item shipping discount! CLASSIC ROCK, JAZZ, & POP ALBUMS THIS WEEK! ZEPPELIN'S 1ST GREAT DOUBLE-LP WITH BIG JAMS ON: "KASHMIR/TRAMPLED UNDERFOOT/IN MY TIME OF DYING/TEN YEARS GONE," & OTHERS!LED ZEPPELIN - "PHYSICAL GRAFFITI," ORIGINAL SWAN SONG RECORDS PRESSING 2-LP. Cover is in very nice-excellent condition (see photos). 2-LP has a few very light,thin surface hairlines;light, thin surface scratch & is in VG++ condition. PLAYS & SOUNDS GREAT ON OUR VECTOR TABLE. ***PLEASE SEE PHOTOS FOR TRACK LISTINGS & ATTRIBUTES FOR FULL DETAILS. THIS IS FROM MY HUSBAND'S PRIVATE COLLECTION.
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