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January 23, 2012 - 06:41:14 PM GMT (over 10 years ago)
ITEM name::::::/// -/// LEE PERRY -SCRATCH the UPSETTER AGAIN<>UPSETTER<>LP BUYERS ; please read all carefully before bidding on any item has some of you BUYERS are really TROUBLE MAKERS,and are very CRAFTY, please know the items that you are bidding on because some BUYER will buy item only by name and when received they wanted to return it by saying it have not graded well instead to say it have not sounded as the way they expected. ITEM condition;;;;;/// VG+ with little bright surface marks and little high popping or crackles as some may call it in the background plays very well with high clearity above all background sound and a little scratch marks on 5th track that cause hissing all cause from lest care PLEASE learn my grading before bidding and MANY of my ITEMS new BUYERS must only try to win (1)one item and make quick payment,BUYERS who have TROUBLE in the pass with my GRADING must not wast time and place there BIDS to make TROUBLE, COMMENTS ; all items used< JACKET;; VERY GOOD nees to be glue TRACKS ;; SIDE 1 : SIDE 2:: WHERE DO I SHIPPED,,, EVERY WHERE IN THE WORLD ONCE THERE IS ADDRESS (WORLDWIDE) SHIPPING and HANDLING time;;; 1 week after PAYMENT. SHIPPERS;;;;; // FEDEX // DHL ONLY , if you requsted any other SHIPPER you must be ready to await out the full time period IF ANY BUYER PAID BEFORE BEING INVOICE THEY WILL BE REFUNDED THERE MONEY RIGHT AWAY ALL WINNER MUST ACCEPTED FEDEX or DHL SHIPPING , IF THEY REFUSED THE MUST STATED IT IN THE PAYMENT MESSAGE THAT THEY ASKED SELLER TO SHIP NORMAL REGISTERED MAIL AND WILLING TO WAIT THE 8 to 10 WEEKS TIME PERIOD GIVEN IN THE LISTING, BY NORMAL REGISTERED MAIL..items take 8 to 10 weeks to reach some destinations and can also delay by CUSTOMS,however this tracking cannot be track by any computer its paper works only BY FEDEX or D.H.L,,, all destinations,, ITS ALWAYS BEST TO USED THESE SHIPPER FOR QUICKER and SAFER SHIPPING WITH TRACKING YOU CAN TRACK ON YOU CUMPUTER, BY FEDEX & D.H.L ,,, estimated time 4 TO 6 days to reach BUYER WILL BE BLACKED IF GIVEN NEGATIVE BEFORE RECEIVED ITEM or ITEMS ,SO IT IS IMPORTANT TO AWAIT THE TIME PERIOD GIVEN IN THE LISTING, PLEASE LEAVE FULL 5***** FEEDBACK WHEN RECEIVE ITEM or ITEMS DISHONESTY,, and HONESTY,, a dishonest person will quick to judge others of not been honest, BUT let every man be HONEST to him self then him will be HONEST to others ,, DON&apos;T used the paypal insured system to STEAL, buyers know them self well for this act. WHEN YOU USING NORMAL MAIL and a package have not receive in 6 (six) weeks please contact SELLER to make him know then please wait for another 2 (two) weeks that the deadline time PERIOD given due to CUSTOMS delays . ITEMS must be paid for after the end of all AUCTIONS so that item can be shipped in time,ITEMS that talk very LONG to pay for MAY BE MISS SEEING PAYMENT HOW I GRADED A ITEM,,,,BY L@@KS , BY SOUND, , PLEASE USED GOOD NEEDLES TO PLAY MY ITEM WHEN RECEIVED SO YOU CAN GET THE GOOD QUALITY OF THE SOUND,I HAVE NOT DONE DEEP CLEANING ON ANY RECORDS SO PLEASE TO CLEAN THEM WHEN RECEIVED THEM HERE IS HOW EX++ ; LIKE NEVER PLAY/ VERY NEW WITHOUT SURFACE MARKS (MAY PRESS WITH DEEP FRYING) EX+ ; LOOKS NEW BUT HAVE VERY LITE SURFACE MARKS (MAY PRESS WITH DEEP FRYING) EX ; VERY VERY CLEAN WITH LITE SURFACE MARKS , WITH VERY VERY LITE FRYING SOUND VG++; CLEAN WITH SURFACE MARKS , PLAY VERY WELL WITH LITE BACKGROUND NOISE VG+ SHOWN SIGN OF HARD HANDLE, WITH BRIGHT SURFACE MARKS OR SCRATCH MARKS BUT PLAY WITHOUT HISS VG ; SHOWN SIGN OF VERY HARD HANDLE, WITH HIGH BACKGROUND NOISE AND MAY HAVE POPS OR HISS G++ VERY HARD HANDLE,BAD LOOKING SURFACE, AND PLAY WITH MANY POPS AND VERY HIGH BACKGROUND NOISE OR HISSING please feel free to ask a questions at any given time, TO ALL BUYERS ALL PACKAGE WILL COME IF YOU JUST WAIT THE TIME PERIOD,,
January 16, 2012 - 06:41:14 PM GMT (over 10 years ago)
Roots Rockers
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  1. This album appears to be an original pressing of 'Cloak and Dagger' on the UPSETTER label (same style as original Super Ape). I was not aware that this pressing existed. The item is being sold in a 'Scratch - The Upsetter Again' sleeve. A very strange auction indeed, but potentially a good buy if the LP is as shown.