Lee Perry & The Upsetters ‎– Cloak & Dagger / LP

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isnw_ecp isnw_ecp isnw_ecp Lee Perry & The Upsetters ‎– Cloak & DaggerLabel:Upsetter Format:Vinyl, LP, Country:ItalyReleased:1970 - 1972Genre:ReggaeStyle:DubTracklistA1Tommy McCook & Upsetters, The –Cloak & Dagger4:07A2Upsetters, The –Sharp Razor V/S4:12A3Winston Wright & Upsetters, The –Hail Stone2:57A4Upsetters, The –Musical Transplant5:06A5Winston Wright & Upsetters, The –Liquid Serenade3:20A6Upsetters, The –Side Gate3:01B1Tommy McCook & Upsetters, The –Iron Claw2:36B2Upsetters, The –V/S Iron Side2:43B3Tommy McCook & Upsetters, The –Rude Walking3:12B4Tommy McCook & Upsetters, The –V/S Bad Walking2:30B5Lee Perry & The Upsetters –Caveman Skank2:40B6Upsetters, The –Pe-We Special2:24 3:03 3:06 3:04Notes. Companies etcCondition ; G to G++ Plain disco COVER / VGBID With Confident THANKS for your BUSINESS EXTRA COMMENTS<<>>ITEMS CONDITIONS USED /// ITEM PLAY WITH LOW BACKGROUND SOUND WHERE DO I SHIPPED,,, EVERY WHERE IN THE WORLD ONCE THERE IS ADDRESS ( WORLDWIDE) PLEASE REQUEST THE WAY YOU WANT YOUR ITEM SHIPPED, SHIPPING and HANDLING time;;; 3 to 5 days after PAYMENT. ,,,, NO WEEKEND NOT INCLUDED ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))HOW DO I SHIPPED ITEMS or PACKAGE ::,)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) I USE THIS AVAILABLE SHIPPING, the shipping ebay recommended for us to use for quicker and safer shipping with a genuine tracking to fallow up Fedex & D.H.L / $65 worldwide 1 to 5 and $2.00 each additional E.M.S $25.00 / to the USA ,CANADA & the UK. only 1 to 5 and $2.00 each additional ( takes up to 4 weeks ) base where in the world NORMAL $10.00 Registered 1 & 2 right around the world and $1.00 each additional ( Takes Up To 3 months ) base where in the world Please Note that if you pay $4.00 for shipping you will not get a tracking numbers as this kind of shipping do not carry any tracking, and will take up to 3 months to reach and can also be lost in the mail,that mean it may not reach any at all PLEASE WAIT TO BE IN VOICE >< <><><>FEEDBACK<><><>>< LEAVE FULL 5***** FEEDBACK WHEN RECEIVE ITEM or ITEMS DISHONESTY,, and,, HONESTY,, a dishonest person will quick to judge others of not been honest, BUT let every man be HONEST to him self then him will be HONEST to others ,, DON&apos;T used the paypal insured system to STEAL, buyers know them self well for this act. ><$$$$$$$$$$$$$ <>>< PAY me QUICK<>><$$$$$$$$$$$$$>< ITEMS must be paid for after the end of all AUCTIONS so that item can be shipped in time,ITEMS that take 1 WEEK to PAID for or LONGER will be RESELL to the SECOND buyer in LINE or RE-LISTED ><>< please feel free to ask a questions at any given time,><><
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  1. ugh.. how did i miss this one.. the pain ;)