Lost our lease! 200,000 records for you in Minnesota

$19,000.00 USD
September 05, 2015 - 08:40:40 PM GMT (almost 7 years ago)
Never thought it'd happen to me, but it did. Selling off about 1/3 of my collection in St Paul, Minnesota. Unsorted vinyl digging heaven. I am a long-time record seller, sell on eight websites, and have three retail stores myself. I own 650,000 records in St Paul. The warehouse where I rent is up for sale, and will most likely be razed. I'd like to sell off approximately 200,000 records. I've contacted Zero in Brazil, his partner Allan in New York, Al at Cheapo, Joe at Euclid.... no luck there. I have a "plan B' to move them all to a rural location, but it is a lot more attractive to just sell off a bunch, as I already have enough to keep me, ahem, "busy". For the most part, I have pulled out the damaged chud, since I never saw any reason to pay to store stuff I can't sell. I've sold off over 750,000 records already out of my space over 19 years. What's for sale is 98% "salable" records. My definition of "salable" is a bit more diverse than most, since I can seemingly sell Almost ANYTHING. Most buyers seem to only be into the low-hanging fruit, and there is some here, but this set is ideally for a serious operation not just interested in the easy work. Here's my estimate of the breakdown, all are unsorted, natch: 0-5% Top-Tier Stuff (Thirteenth Floor Elevators, Velvet Underground, Archie Shepp, etc) 0-5% Hot Sellers (Led Zeppelin, Beatles, Miles Davis) 5-10% Good Titles (Ten Years After, Procol Harum, Dave Brubeck) 10% new unplayed and sealed stock, mostly 80s-90s indie rock 15-20% Basic fare in good condition (Chicago, Elton John, Chuck Mangione) 15-20% dollar records in good condition (Neil Diamond, John Denver, Herb Alpert) 30-40% obscure private and vanity press mainstream/religious/orchestral in good to mint condition. Crap to gold. 3% chud in mint shape/oddball and import pressings of chud artists (Mantovani, Lawrence Welk, Al Hirt) 2% damaged chud Questions? Call or text Johnny 612-735-1643 ADDENDUM: Adam @ Shuga seems to think you all want to see a video of what 50 pallets of records in boxes looks like. I beg to differ (boring), but if you really want to, send me an ebay msg, text, or phone call. ADDENDUM 2: I should clarify that 20% of these are 45RPM 7" singles. Very little classical, no 78RPM. 1000 page views! Wow!
August 29, 2015 - 08:40:40 PM GMT (almost 7 years ago)


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