MARC BOLAN signed T-REX album. was given to graham oliver of saxon FREE ANGEL

$530.60 USD
July 12, 2018 - 01:27:36 AM GMT (8 months ago)
Marc-bolan-signed-t-rex-album-was-given-to-graham-oliver-of-saxon-free-angel_40559646 Marc-bolan-signed-t-rex-album-was-given-to-graham-oliver-of-saxon-free-angel_40559648 Marc-bolan-signed-t-rex-album-was-given-to-graham-oliver-of-saxon-free-angel_40559650
thanks for your interest. the record is very special. it was given to graham oliver of saxon years ago. this is %100 real as graham lives down the road from me in Mexborough and gave it to us a few years back. the marc bolan signatures on ebay at the minute are up for around 500. im not too sure about the pricing for this as it has a very interesting backstory and personaly i think it should be worth quite a bit more. 2 great rock icons joined into one item hahah :), a great piece of history to be honest. i cant really explain the sentence marc wrote: "thankyou for playing it" its almost like it was originally given to a music station or something. But anyway graham ended up getting it, and after that... us. "happy bidding" :)
July 07, 2018 - 01:27:36 AM GMT (8 months ago)


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