Maynie Siren & Einar Englund - Visor LP VG+ Finland finnlevy FL7004

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June 21, 2013 - 12:20:12 AM GMT (almost 11 years ago)
ARTIST / TITLE:….. Maynie Siren & Einar Englund - Visor LP NOTES: Finnish pressing YEAR / LABEL / CATALOGUE NUMBER: Finnlevy / FL 7004 / 1978 CONDITION: Jacket: VG+ Vinyl: VG+ co = drill hole in label or jacket (or saw mark/cut corner on cover) djt = dj timing strip (usually a 12" x 4" white sticker on cover detailing titles and playing time) wlp = white label promo woc = writing on cover wol = writing on label wobc = writing on back cover promo stamp = usually gold embossed notice on jacket (sometimes a sticker) GRADING -------------- Still Sealed/New: Never opened...still in original shrinkwrap and brand new....any tears in the shrinkwrap will be noted in description. NM : Played once or twice, no flaws, but a remote ever-so-slight amount of that shiny luster may be gone. Jacket will be virtually flawless, slightest signs of wear, maybe one bumped corner, or a hint of edge wear. Shrinkwrap, if still on, may have some stickers on it or minor tearing. VG++: Record may have some marks (very, very light scratching or some light sleeve scuffing) that may sound briefly in a quieter passage. The jacket may have the very lightest signs of ring wear, some light corner or edge wear, maybe an old price sticker or two, that should peel off with the proper guidance. VG+: Record will have some light marks (light scratches and light sleeve scuffs), and it might make an occasional pop or crackle in parts, but will not even come close to overwhelming the listening experience. Still a very desirable grade.. As for the jacket, it will start to show more signs of wear than a VG++ jacket, the ring wear may be slightly more evident, the edge wear or corner wear may be more defined as well. VG: Record may have several scratches and scuffs, though aside from some popping and crackling, will still be an enjoyable listen. No skips here. The jacket will have far more wear than the previous grades, such as: edge wear to the point of some seam splitting(the kind that can be repaired with tape or other means), ring wear(not terrible, but still distracting from the image), edge and corner wear, minor writing or a few stickers, or other similar defects. VG- : Not terrible, usually represents 1 or 2 "ugly" marks or scratches, might be a little sketchy in a few spots, other than that would fair as a VG record. The jacket will show significant wear - ring wear, seam splits(still should be able to be taped up for repair), some writing and/or stickers, edge and corner wear, or other similar defects. Good/Fair/Poor: Filler only, not recommended for listening. Please feel free to email with any questions! I ship all records in special record mailers, using a cardboard slat on each side of the record. The disk is always packed OUTSIDE of the cover. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money will be gladly refunded.
June 16, 2013 - 12:20:12 AM GMT (almost 11 years ago)
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