Mendelssohn Bruch, Milstein, UK Capitol SP 8518, NM

$176.50 USD
January 21, 2019 - 02:54:19 PM GMT (7 months ago)
Mendelssohn & Bruch Violin ConcertosNathan MilsteinCapitol SP 8518, early label, made in Gt. Britain by EMI(SP!-8518-D19 / SP2-8518-D20) Record is NMplays NM (after a second cleaning) entire lp checked in headphonesCover is EX+ Shipping : Europe AND World = 9 usd ..... Paypal only. NEW : Lower shipping prices WorldwideSave on combined shipping : 0 - 500 g : EU and WORLD = 9 usd (well ... typically 1 lp) 500 - 2000 g : EU and WORLD = 15 usd 2000 - 5000 g gets a bit pricey, EU = 45, world = 75 usd, this includes tracking nr. (divided shipping may be preferable) NOTE : Any packages valued over 90 usd, automatically gets registered shipping / tracking nr added FREE of charge.(a 11 usd value, so please bid accordingly ... and/or consider bidding on multiple items for combined packages/shipping). Otherwise please contact me after the auction if you want registered shipping for packages valued under 90 usd,or if you want insured shipping. Grading:NM = Sonically and visually near perfect (both cover and LP)EX+ LP = No scratches allowed, quiet playback, visually clean with a few minor noises allowed.EX+ Cover = A few minor issues on close inspection, like slight edgewear or lamination lift (described in item)EX LP = Like EX+ with light handling / cleaning traces / hairlines allowed (not affecting sound).EX Cover = as EX+, but with possible minor issues (described with item) still overall in lovely condition.EX - (minus) LP = A few light surface marks allowed (described in item) still overall clean and perfectly enjoyable playback.EX - Cover = As EX but with slightly more worn look, or a nice item with an issue like a worn edge (issues described in item) VG+ LP = Like EX- but with potentially problematic issues like noisy passages, still overall enjoyable playback (issues described in item) VG+ Cover = Overall a slightly worn look, or a nice item with a pronounced issue (issues described in item)VG = Only rareties or novelties would be considered listed in this category (issues described in item) Eye AND ear graded
January 16, 2019 - 02:54:19 PM GMT (7 months ago)


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