MILES DAVIS Relaxin' PRESTIGE 7129 W. 50th RVG DG '57 LP John Coltrane

$640.51 USD
August 10, 2018 - 02:32:43 AM GMT (4 months ago)
Miles-davis-relaxin-prestige-7129-w-50th-rvg-dg-57-lp-john-coltrane_41151369 Miles-davis-relaxin-prestige-7129-w-50th-rvg-dg-57-lp-john-coltrane_41151385
This week I am letting go of some of my personal Jazz collection to pay for our boys medical treatments. I've been collecting for 40 years. I will give a nice discount on shipping for multiple won auctions. I cherished these records and I hope you will too. God Bless. Miles Davis Quintet - Relaxin' - Prestige 7129 RVG Microgroove 50th St NYC Prestige 7129 Vinyl - VG++ Cover - Near Mint Vintage Pressing RVG and Ear in Dead Wax 446 W. 50th St NYC on Labels 446 West 50th St NYC on Cover Collection has always been shelved in a climate controlled space. Enjoy your bidding and God Bless you Shipping in the USA IS $4.00 for the first LP and only $2.00 for each additional LP. Win 5 auctions and only pay 4.00 shipping total! International Shipping is $25.00 for the first LP and only $10.00 each additional LP
August 03, 2018 - 02:32:43 AM GMT (4 months ago)


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