Mimnie Riperton Hit Album ‘Perfect Angel’ In Good Vinyl Condition

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May 16, 2018 - 11:53:28 PM GMT (7 months ago)
Mimnie Riperton Rare 1974 Album ‘Perfect Angel’ In Good Vinyl Condition Good vinyl condition of a rare 1974 vinyl copy of the second album from the late, great Mimnie Riperton! These recordings were produced by Stevie Wonder although because Wonder was signed to Motown he had to use the pseudonym El Toro Negro, also most of the arrangements are done by Wonder’s band Wonderlove. This album contains the biggest hit of Riperton’s career, “Lovin’ You”, which topped the U.S. Pop charts. With nine tracks and every one a winner, including two that were written for Riperton by Stevie Wonder. Side One 1.”Reasons” 2. “It’s So Nice (To See Old Friends)” 3. “Take A Little Trip” 4. “Seeing You This Way” 5. “The Edge of a Dream” Side Two 6. “Perfect Angel” 7. “Every Time He Comes Around” 8. “Lovin’ You” 9. “Our Lives” Truly a rare find and a great keepsake by a true original. Experience the music the way it was meant to be heard in all the warm tonesof its analog quality stereophonic vinyl sound and not the inferior audio of MP3s.Please add $3.75 for postage and handling if being mailed in the U.S.Postage for Canada, Europe or Australia will have to be determined by a quote from the post office if the bidder wins the auction on this item.PayPal is my preferred method of payment, and insurance can be added to the postage cost, but ONLY upon request of the buyer. Thanks.
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