Misfits 3 Hits From Hell 1st Press original Plan 9, Samhain, Danzig

$499.00 USD
March 14, 2018 - 01:30:16 AM GMT (9 months ago)
Misfits-3-hits-from-hell-1st-press-original-plan-9-samhain-danzig_37678002 Misfits-3-hits-from-hell-1st-press-original-plan-9-samhain-danzig_37678003 Misfits-3-hits-from-hell-1st-press-original-plan-9-samhain-danzig_37678004
DO NOT BID YOU IF YOU DO NOT INTEND TO BUY Nice 1st pressing of 3 Hits From Hell. Grey labels with correct matrix etchings and stamped “masterdisk”. Record is graded using the Goldmine standard and is in nice shape; somewhere between VG to VG+. It has some light surface scratches and pops in the intro and runout grooves but nothing that affects the music. Record can be viewed playing in it’s entirety on youtube via the links below Cover is a solid VG+ with no seam splits and only a few corner bends. Telltale signs of authenticity can be verified in the pics. The overlapping red and black of the silk screening process can be noticed in some of the pics. (Bootlegs are printed) No Insert included. Shipping will be insured (No exceptions) and will be combined in the shipping total. WAIT TO BE INVOICED BEFORE PAYING!! Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I reserve the right to end the auction at any time. VIEW RECORD IN ITS ENTIRETY WITH THESE LINKS BELOW: https://youtu.be/55tQ_J7Tg2c https://youtu.be/XLtvwsvv9Tw
March 07, 2018 - 01:30:16 AM GMT (9 months ago)
Misfits-3-hits-from-hell-1st-press-original-plan-9-samhain-danzig_37678005 Misfits-3-hits-from-hell-1st-press-original-plan-9-samhain-danzig_37678006 Misfits-3-hits-from-hell-1st-press-original-plan-9-samhain-danzig_37678007 Misfits-3-hits-from-hell-1st-press-original-plan-9-samhain-danzig_37678008 Misfits-3-hits-from-hell-1st-press-original-plan-9-samhain-danzig_37678009 Misfits-3-hits-from-hell-1st-press-original-plan-9-samhain-danzig_37678010 Misfits-3-hits-from-hell-1st-press-original-plan-9-samhain-danzig_37678011 Misfits-3-hits-from-hell-1st-press-original-plan-9-samhain-danzig_37678012


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