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HERE IS THE SITE OF: THE EX~DISCO~DJ FROM NEW YORK CITY THAT'S AUCTIONING OFF ALL OF HIS CLASSIC RECORDS IN HIS COLLECTION STARTING AT: .99 CENTS EACH. NO RESERVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is an original 12" vinyl record, not a Cd, or DVD, This IS THE ORIGINAL PRESSING. NOT A RE-ISSUE OR BOOTLEGG. This classic vinyl pressing is from my personal collection. I was a New York City nightclub DJ from 1972 through 1988, and I am auctioning off most of my classic record collection for others to enjoy.IF YOU'D LIKE MORE INFO, PLEASE VISIT:http://www.discopatrick.com/home/15-Mark%20DJ%20Zimmer.htmlAN HONORARY MEMBER OF LEGENDS OF VINYL ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~RCA RECORDS (U.S.)~~~~~CATALOG #: 6681-RD CIRCA: 1987 ONDREA SIDE A: I'VE GOT YOUR NUMBER CLUB VERSION / 6:29 SIDE B; I'VE GOT YOUR NUMBER DUB / 3:58 BONUS BEATS / 4:05 Here's the descriptive synopsis: VINYL CONDITION: EXCELLENT This record was kept in a well ventilated, dehumidified, air-conditioned, pest free, pet free environment.MAY HAVE A LIGHT CRACKLE IN THE OPENING DEAD WAX.BEAUTIFUL, BRILLIANT LUSTER. Label: NEAR MINT LIGHT Spindle Scrapes, no wear, No writing, No peeling, no fading. Cover Condition: EXCELLENT RCA RECORDS CENTER HOLE DYE-CUT JACKET IN SHRINK-WRAP WITH ARTIST STICK-ON LABEL. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ GRADING SCALE: MINT ---- It should appear to be perfect. No scuffs or scratches, blotches or stains, labels or writing, tears or splits. Mint means perfect. NEAR MINT ---- Otherwise mint but has one or two tiny inconsequential flaws that do not affect play. Covers should be close to perfect with minor signs of wear or age just becoming evident: slight ring-wear, minor denting to a corner, or writing on the cover should all be noted properly. EXCELLENT---- The record has been handled and played infrequently or very carefully. Not too far from perfect. On a disc, there may be light paper scuffs from sliding in and out of a sleeve or the vinyl or some of the original luster may be lost. A slight scratch that did not affect play would be acceptably Excellent for most collectors. VERY GOOD ---- Record displays visible signs of handling and playing, such as loss of vinyl luster, light surface scratches, groove wear and spindle trails. Some audible surface noise, but should not overwhelm the musical experience. Usually a cover is VG when one or two of these problems are evident: ring wear, seam splits, bent corners, loss of gloss, stains, etc. GOOD ---- Well played with little luster and significant surface noise. Despite defects, record should still play all the way through without skipping. Several cover flaws will be apparent, but should not obliterate the artwork. POOR ---- Any record or cover that does not qualify for the above "Good" grading should be seen as Poor. Several cover flaws. WOL --- Writing on label WOJ --- Writing on jacket WLP---White Label Promo GOOD HOME NEEDED: Please don't bid on this record if you are an investor, and your only objective is to give it a "quick turn" for profit. Only good DJ's, and record preservationist's (collectors) deserve a classic like this. Winner take notice: Please take good care of this classic record. Give her a good loving home. She has consistently performed well all of her life. Take good care of her. Don't place her on something that may scratch her...or cause her harm. Keep her away from heat and direct hot sun, which will cause her to wilt and expire. Don't mix her up in a different cover...or misplace her...she may miss you. Occasionally, place her gently on a padded platter, and carefully lay down her lover...a clean and balanced tonearm not to exceed 3.0 grams of weight, and she will sing for all eternity. This is all I ask. And... Winner: please pay within 3 days. Paypal preferred. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Shipping Details: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ U.S. Domestic: U.S. MEDIA MAIL: (CONTINENTAL 'LOWER 48' ONLY) ONE PRICE $4.00 BUY AS MANY AS YOU LIKE. ONLY FOUR DOLLARS SHIPPING. PAY FOR ONE...I'LL SEND 100 ALONG WITH THAT ONE IF YOU WISH FOR THE SAME LOW POSTAGE PRICE OF ONLY $4.00. First Class International Cost: ONLY $21.50 (one 12" Record) + $5.00 each additional 12" vinyl record. Carries no insurance, and cannot be tracked. It usually takes about a week if not slowed down at your port. NOTICE: All deliveries sent this way are AT YOUR OWN RISK. CANADA: First 12" RECORD.....$11.00 Each additional 12" RECORD....$2.00 extra $ 19.00 Maximum charge for up to eight 12" RECORDS To sellers abroad: please check with your customs bureau. Don't get me in the middle. Tariffs SUCK. Don't be surprised when it arrives at your border. Know what to do, and how much you want me to declare. Peace-Out!!!! Check out my other items! Be sure to add me to your favorites list!
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