PAIR Vintage LPs ~ JOSE JIMENEZ ‎– Comedy Albums Comedian Bill Dana ~ VG+

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2 Vintage Original Comedy records. José Jiménez was a fictional character created and performed by comedian Bill Dana on the Steve Allen Show in 1959 and who became increasingly popular during the 1960s. You will receive: 1)The First Man In Space: Jose Jimenez The AstronautGenre: Non-MusicStyle: ComedyYear: 1961Vinyl Condition: VG+Sleeve Condition: VG-Tracklist:My Nightclub ActDarling, Je Vous Aime BeacoupThe Astronaut (With Don Hinkley)Presenting Bill DanaAny Questions? (With The Audience) 2)Jose Jimenez In Orbit (Bill Dana On Earth)Genre: Non-MusicStyle: ComedyYear: 1962Vinyl Condition: VGSleeve Condition: VGTracklist:Everything's A Ok15:23Sing Along With Jose Shine On Harvest Moon2:00The Rancher1:29The Skin Diver2:58The U.S. Senator1:36The Lion Tamer3:02My Funny Valentine4:23Christmas Sing Along With Jose Jingle Bells2:22 PLEASE NOTE: I am not a professional record dealer but have attempted to be fair with grading. I have played this record and examined it under a bright light for imperfections. Record and sleeve grading definitions are listed below. Please contact me if you have questions about a specific record. **** Record Grading Definitions **** (Please note, grading is visual only, records are not played.) SEALED : Record is sealed in shrink wrap, vinyl is sold ungraded or "as is". Record is assumed to be un-played but not guaranteed. NM : Record appears un-played. There will be no marks, sleeve scuffs, or scratches of any kind. VG++ : Record may have one or two visible imperfections which should not affect playback. (i.e. superficial marks) Record will not have scratches. VG+ : Record may have a few visible imperfections. These may include slight scuffs, superficial marks, and light scratches. Record will have no more than a few scratches. VG : Record will show the same kinds of imperfections found on VG+ records but in larger amounts. There may be several light scratches and other marks. Record will not have any scratches that can be felt with a fingernail. VG- : Record will have several visible imperfections; the presence of a large number of light scratches will require this grade, as will the presence of even one scratch deep enough to be felt with a fingernail. G : Record will have many imperfections of varying severity including light and deep scratches that can be felt with a fingernail. Fair/Poor : A record with this grade is all but trash. You may want one just to say you have it in your collection but it will not be pretty and may not even be playable. **** Sleeve Grading Details **** NM : Sleeve will appear brand new with no imperfections, wear, or signs of handling. VG++ : Sleeve will appear close to brand new. Closer inspection may show one or two superficial imperfections. Usually very light wear to the corners or seams. A Sleeve may also have a cut corner or hole punch. VG+ : Sleeve may have a few noticeable imperfections or signs of wear and handling. They will be few and they will not be prominent. This can include a single small split to the seams or spine, light stains or discoloration, small crease marks, and faint shelf or ring wear. VG : Sleeve can have all of the same imperfections as a VG+ Sleeve, but they will be more pronounced or there will more of them. Splits to the seam or spine can be up to 6" in length. The presence of a any major flaw, such as heavy ring wear, marking, staining, writing, or discoloration will require this grade, as will the presence of a large amount of minor flaws. VG- : Sleeve will have a large number of minor imperfections and at least one major flaw such as heavy ring wear, marking, staining, writing, or discoloration. Splits to the seams or spine can be up to 8" in length. G : A cover in this condition will display heavy wear and several of the pronounced flaws described above. Splits to the seam or spine may exceed 8" in length..
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