Plainsong L.P. In search of Amelia Earhart, Elektra, K42120,1972

$7.05 USD
January 12, 2019 - 03:25:09 PM GMT (6 days ago)
Plainsong-l-p-in-search-of-amelia-earhart-elektra-k42120-1972_44534435 Plainsong-l-p-in-search-of-amelia-earhart-elektra-k42120-1972_44534444 Plainsong-l-p-in-search-of-amelia-earhart-elektra-k42120-1972_44534452
Plainsong L.P. In search of Amelia Earhart, Elektra, K42120,1972, U.K. pressing. Record: Very good conditionSleeve: Very good condition Please note that I can combine postage for albums. 1-3 single albums would cost £4 postage for the U.K. (N.B. a double album would count as 2 single albums.) If buying from abroad I will keep costs to a minimum and combine postage wherever possible. All records are from mine and my wife’s personal collection and due to downsizing I am in the process of selling them.
January 05, 2019 - 03:25:09 PM GMT (13 days ago)
33 RPM
Plainsong-l-p-in-search-of-amelia-earhart-elektra-k42120-1972_44534461 Plainsong-l-p-in-search-of-amelia-earhart-elektra-k42120-1972_44534464 Plainsong-l-p-in-search-of-amelia-earhart-elektra-k42120-1972_44534468


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