Prince Far I 'Bedward' RARE 7" REGGAE Roots DUB Vinyl 45 On-U-Sound SHERWOOD Dj

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March 07, 2014 - 06:20:52 PM GMT (about 10 years ago)
PRINCE FAR IBEDWARD THE FLYING PREACHER b/w VERSION THIS IS A VERY RARE LIMITED PRESSING 7" VINYL RELEASED ON THE 'SOUND BOY' RECORD LABEL IN 2003 CENTER-DINKED FOR DJ OR JUKEBOX USE THE VINYL IS IN EXCELLENT CONDITION IT COMES IN A PLAIN WHITE CARD SLEEVE (PLEASE CHECK OUT THE PICTURES AT THE TOP OF THIS PAGE FOR CLOSER INSPECTION) KILLER ON-U-SOUND PRODUCTION !!Originally released in 1983 on the album STAGGERING HEIGHTS by Singers & Players, this Adrian Sherwood/On-U Sound production still packs a punch 20 years later. Prince Far I, aka the “Voice of Thunder,” narrates the tale of Alexander Bedward, a turn-of-the-century Baptist preacher and founder of Bedwardism, one of the precursors to the Rastafari faith. It seems poor ol’ Bedward thought he could ascend to heaven by jumping off of a building. Unfortunately, he only flew in one direction, and that was down. Backing up Far I’s tale are members of the On-U house band circa 1983: Eek-a-Roo on drums, Lizard on bass, Crucial Tony on guitar, Flash on saxophone, and Bubblers on piano. The spatial separation and dynamics of the mix are practically jaw-dropping…but that was standard operating procedure for On-U back in the day. The B-side features a previously-unreleased (and somewhat milder) dub version of the track. Released on the Sound Boy label, a new spinoff from On-U Sound which promises a full slate of new and classic releases in vinyl format. Plenty more to come!SOMEBODY HAS UPLOADED THEIR COPY ON TO YOUTUBE...LISTEN HERE THE BEAT 'N' SOUL RETROSPECTIVEPLEASE CHECK OUT MANY MORE RARE SECONDHAND VINYLS IN OUR E-BAY SHOP !!PLEASE ADD US TO YOUR FAVOURITE SELLERS,WE ARE ADDING NEW ITEMS EVERY WEEK !THANK YOU FOR LOOKING AT OUR SHOP
February 25, 2014 - 06:20:52 PM GMT (about 10 years ago)
Single (7-Inch)


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