PROFESSIONAL TEST RECORD Concert-Disc Concertapes Inc 1963

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December 30, 2013 - 07:54:03 PM GMT (over 10 years ago)
PROFESSIONAL TEST RECORDConcertapes/Concert-DiscPTX-10Wilmette, Illinois Side One - MonauralSection Bands1 1 0db. 1000cps. 5.5cm/sec.2 2-7 Frequency run. -6db.3 8-10 White noise cutoff tests4 11 White noise (2 minutes)5 12 Chromatic scale6 13-16 Tracking tests7 17 Translation loss test Side Two - StereoSection Bands1 1-2 0db. 1000cps. 3.9cm/sec.2 3-14 Frequency run -6db.3 15-16 Channel Orientation and phasing4 17 Wow and jlutter check5 18-19 Music6 20-24 Signal/noise test7 25-26 Translation test "The Concert-Disc PTX-10 Test Record was designed to provide the professional studio engineer with a convenient working tool for everyday use. It can also be used by the advanced audiophile to set and maintain professional standards in a playback system. This record is unique in that it contains, on one disc, all the stereo and monaural tests normally needed during the working day. It includes standard reference levels and tests for frequency response, channel balance, turntable speed, flutter, wow, and rumble (signal/noise), tracking, translation loss, transient response, phasing, etc. Two bands of msic, superb examples of the recording art, provide a consistent, readily available source for aural comparisons and checks." And if none of that piques your interest, it's just a really cool record, for any Experimental-Noise fan!!! Blah >;]
December 23, 2013 - 07:54:03 PM GMT (over 10 years ago)
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