PUNK AND NEW WAVE 7” SINGLES COLLECTION in Box: PIstols Penetration Slits Etc

$157.45 USD
January 21, 2019 - 10:14:10 PM GMT (25 days ago)
Punk-and-new-wave-7-singles-collection-in-box-pistols-penetration-slits-etc_44788030 Punk-and-new-wave-7-singles-collection-in-box-pistols-penetration-slits-etc_44788036 Punk-and-new-wave-7-singles-collection-in-box-pistols-penetration-slits-etc_44788079
PUNK AND NEW WAVE 7” SINGLES COLLECTION in vintage box PIstols Penetration Etc Interesting slelection of Punk, New Wave and alternative 1980s Pop featuring records from the Sex Pistols. Penetration, The Slits, New Order, UK Subs, Killing Joke, Simple Minds, Undertones, The Beat, The Damned Etc. Most records in picture covers. Covers range from good condition to excellent plus. Some sleeves have seam splits and creasing but most still in very good plus or better. Record range from Excellent plus to good condition with an average around a strong very good condition. A handful of the records in fair or worse shape. Box has some signs of age and use but still fit for purpose. Item relisted due to mistake in previous listings shipping price.
January 14, 2019 - 10:14:10 PM GMT (about 1 month ago)
45 RPM
Punk-and-new-wave-7-singles-collection-in-box-pistols-penetration-slits-etc_44788100 Punk-and-new-wave-7-singles-collection-in-box-pistols-penetration-slits-etc_44788115 Punk-and-new-wave-7-singles-collection-in-box-pistols-penetration-slits-etc_44788153 Punk-and-new-wave-7-singles-collection-in-box-pistols-penetration-slits-etc_44788179 Punk-and-new-wave-7-singles-collection-in-box-pistols-penetration-slits-etc_44788210 Punk-and-new-wave-7-singles-collection-in-box-pistols-penetration-slits-etc_44788241


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