Queensyrche 8 LP Empire Operation Mindcrime Rage For Order Original Pressings!!!

$126.50 USD
March 14, 2018 - 03:53:48 AM GMT (9 months ago)
Queensyrche-8-lp-empire-operation-mindcrime-rage-for-order-original-pressings_37679619 Queensyrche-8-lp-empire-operation-mindcrime-rage-for-order-original-pressings_37679621 Queensyrche-8-lp-empire-operation-mindcrime-rage-for-order-original-pressings_37679622
Check my other listings, as I'm selling Metal vinyl and CD collections that took me over 30+ years to collect! I was very meticulous about the quality, and just collected and rarely played (too scared to scratch something) Here's what you get: 1)Suite Sister Mary 10" - 5 songs never played 2/3)Empire 2 LP's French Pressing. This one is truly hard an original Pressing of!! The cover has some bends and sticker residue in top right. Solid VG. Vinyl has a couple faint scratches, but nothing you can feel. I played the entire albums, and heard no issues. VG++ 4)Rage For Order 5)Operation Mindcrime 6)Self Titled 8)The Warning All of those are just beautiful. Super nice condition all around. I don't see any issues, but to be safe NM/NM 7)Speak The Word 12" - Vinyl has never been played. Cover has corner dings. Any questions, just ask!
March 04, 2018 - 03:53:48 AM GMT (9 months ago)
Queensyrche-8-lp-empire-operation-mindcrime-rage-for-order-original-pressings_37679623 Queensyrche-8-lp-empire-operation-mindcrime-rage-for-order-original-pressings_37679626 Queensyrche-8-lp-empire-operation-mindcrime-rage-for-order-original-pressings_37679628 Queensyrche-8-lp-empire-operation-mindcrime-rage-for-order-original-pressings_37679629 Queensyrche-8-lp-empire-operation-mindcrime-rage-for-order-original-pressings_37679631 Queensyrche-8-lp-empire-operation-mindcrime-rage-for-order-original-pressings_37679633 Queensyrche-8-lp-empire-operation-mindcrime-rage-for-order-original-pressings_37679634 Queensyrche-8-lp-empire-operation-mindcrime-rage-for-order-original-pressings_37679636 Queensyrche-8-lp-empire-operation-mindcrime-rage-for-order-original-pressings_37679637


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