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November 23, 2017 - 02:40:34 AM GMT (about 1 year ago)
Quiet-riot-metal-heath-lp--3_34944521 Quiet-riot-metal-heath-lp--3_34944535
COVER IS IN VG SHAPE.LP PLAYS VG+ AND IS IN VG+ SHAPE MINT (NM) A good description of a NM record is “it looks like it just came from a retail store and it was opened for the first time.” In other words, it’s nearly perfect. Near mint records are shiny and free of visible defects. No writing, stickers, other markings or spindle marks appear on the label. If played, an NM record will do so without surface noise. Near Mint records don’t have to be “never played”; a record used on an excellent turntable can remain NM after many plays if the disc is properly cared for. VERY GOOD PLUS (VG+) A good description of a VG+ Record is “except for a couple of minor things, this would be Near Mint.” VG+ records may show some slight signs of wear, including light scuffs or very light scratches that do not affect the listening experience. Slight warps that don’t affect the sound are OK. Minor signs of handling are OK, too, such as telltale marks around the center hole, so long as repeated playing has not misshapen the hole. There may be some very light ring wear or discoloration, but it should be barely noticeable. VERY GOOD (VG) Many of the imperfections found on a VG+ Record are more obvious on a VG record. VG records have more obvious flaws than their counterparts in better shape. They lack most of the original gloss found on factory-fresh records. Groove wear is evident on sight, as are light scratches. When played, a VG record has surface noise, and some scratches may be audible, especially in soft passages and during a song’s intro and ending. But the noise won’t overpower the music otherwise. Minor writing, tape or a sticker can detract from the label.
November 16, 2017 - 02:40:34 AM GMT (about 1 year ago)


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