♫R&B Ballads Early DOBIE GRAY "To Be Wanted" / "Hearts Are Wild" STRIPE VG- 1960

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April 15, 2014 - 08:13:18 PM GMT (about 8 years ago)
Artist: DOBIE GRAY Titles (composers): A: "To Be Wanted" (A. Stewart) B: "Hearts Are Wild (I Lose Again)" (Calvin Finch) Label and time of release: STRIPE 827 - 1960 Producer: not listed Grading: VG– Label Condition: VG. Writing on both sides of the label + small dj stamp on one side. U.S. shipping: $3.00 (no matter what number of 45’s you buy). Intl. Shipping: $7.00 + another dollar for each additional 45 purchased. Comments: Very early and very obscure Dobie Gray, only his second 45. In fact his first 45 had the same song, but with a different B-side. It’s in a totally different style from his “In Crowd” hit, both sides are romantic ballads with strings (Tommy Edwards comes to my mind). Please also check my many other Soul 45’s in a wide variety of styles listed this week!
April 08, 2014 - 08:13:18 PM GMT (about 8 years ago)
45 RPM


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