RALPH WILLIS VINYL LP-Carolina Blues With Brownie McGee Sonny Terry

$8.77 USD
May 16, 2018 - 09:25:45 PM GMT (7 months ago)
Ralph-willis-vinyl-lp-carolina-blues-with-brownie-mcgee-sonny-terry_39333774 Ralph-willis-vinyl-lp-carolina-blues-with-brownie-mcgee-sonny-terry_39333775 Ralph-willis-vinyl-lp-carolina-blues-with-brownie-mcgee-sonny-terry_39333776
Ralph Willis Lp as shown As you can see I have 1200 mixed blues jazz and folk records to get listed how long it will take is anyone’s guess so please keep looking as I’m sure there are some rare ones in there All records will be posted 2nd class in cardboard record envelopes Quite happy to post abroad privately! Prices on request The whole collection came from a house clearance all kept upright most hardly played covers and sleeves a bit worse for wear & some are a lot more battered than others where they have been sitting I always add a note if there really bad most now seem really good All records good condition some I don’t think have even been played! just need a wipe over usual dust etc some have the damp marks in places (although the fella in the record shop doesn’t think it’s damp it is just where the polythene cover touched them only on a few!)which can be removed quite easily any that are really bad we are picking out to list at the very end-we seem to be pulling 1 in 30 out at the moment I aim to post Tuesday and Fridays to allow other evenings to photograph and list so please give me a extra couple of days post time thanks
May 09, 2018 - 09:25:45 PM GMT (7 months ago)


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