Randy Hudson & Cripple Creek Bowl Bound & Dow The 45 From Publishing Co. Vault M

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August 31, 2014 - 11:00:02 PM GMT (almost 8 years ago)
Today I have purchased the remaining assets of legendary southern music recording and publishing company Lowery Music/Southern Tracks Recordings.This legendary company,based in Atlanta,Georgia has been instrumental in the country western,rock music field for over 50 years.With a stable of writers and artists like Atlanta Rhythm Section, Joe South,Tommy Roe,Billy Joe Royal,Bill Anderson and countless others the memorabilia is never ending.In most recent years artists like Pearl Jam,Incubus and Faith Hill have made Southern Tracks studio home. In acquiring these assets I obtained thousands of long out of print LPs and 45s.Thousand of pieces of sheet music that havent seen the light of day in some cases for 40 years.Record awards,BMI Certificates,autographed items,8x10s,sealed 8 track tapes and the list goes on and on.This will literally take at least a year or more to list all these items.Some things I wont even uncover for probably 6 months or so.The volume of these items is enormous. If you have any request for any of these artist I will try to oblige.I will list items as I get to them and hopefully everybody will find that special one-of-a-kind item from this musically historic company.Today 1/22/2014 ,or should I say 8/23/2014, I am still listing these lps and 45s from their vault.These lps and 45s are all basically new, unopened and never played.About 98% of the albums are still sealed with original shrinkwrap and 99% of the 45s have never seen the light of day.The other 2% are open but have never been played.Some will have promo stickers,be stamped promo.a hole in corner of cover,a cut in spine, white record label,or some other designation as being a promotional or demonstration record.*****STAY TUNED******In September I Will Be Auctioning Off Over 300 ULTRA RARE Mother Discs,Unreleased Acetates,Test Pressings,Demo Masters,Live Masters,Handwritten Song Lyrics,And Many Other Surprises!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Up for sale today is yet another great find from this archive.This is an original rare 45 by Randy Hudson entitled "Bowl Bound And Down".Vinyl is in Mint condition.123 Records 718.Shipping is $2.49.International shipping is available.Combined shipping is available and encouraged.
August 24, 2014 - 11:00:02 PM GMT (almost 8 years ago)
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  1. Love this of course I am prejudice he is my big brother