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September 15, 2018 - 12:55:28 AM GMT (5 months ago)
Rare-italian-rock-lp-adriano-celentano-giulio-libano-u-s-pressing-vesuvius-vg_41919541 Rare-italian-rock-lp-adriano-celentano-giulio-libano-u-s-pressing-vesuvius-vg_41919561
Cover: VG+, very clean with a deletion hole punched in the bottom left. Vinyl: VG++ borderline Near Mint high grade copy! See heading and pics for artist, title, and catalog number. International buyers purchasing items that sell over $50 must pay an additional $14.00 for registered mail. The total on the invoice will read $39.00. GRADING IS CONSERVATIVE AS ALWAYS!! SEE MY FEEDBACK AND BUY WITH CONFIDENCE! MY GRADING SCALE: Below are definitions of each of my grading categories. I USE THE GOLDMINE GRADING STANDARD AS THE BASIS FOR GRADING ALL LP's AND 45's. Covers are graded separately. Near Mint: very clean unmarked copy. Pic sleeve, if present, will be of the highest quality. VG++: May have just a couple of sleeve rubs only. This will be a very clean high gloss copy. Any 45 in this grade can be expected to be a strong collectors keeper. Pic sleeve will be flat with good corners. It will have very few, if any, creases or wrinkles. Sleeve will have no splits. VG+: Will show a few more signs of normal use and wear. The 45 may have very light superficial marks and rubs but will be a well taken care of copy. The record may play with isolated noise at intro and in lower passages of music. The noise will not be continuous and will not overpower the music. Labels may have a small jukebox/address sticker or small name or initial but otherwise will not show any defects. Pic sleeves with this grade may have very light creases. The sleeve may have a small split no larger than 1" in any area. VG: The 45 will show more signs of normal use and wear. It may have lost some of its factory gloss and in some cases might exhibit groove wear upon inspection. This copy will be enjoyable but will play with light background noise. There may also be light but isolated crakle and/or pops and ticks. Any of the previous will not be continous and will remain behind the music at all times and never overpower it. This will be an enjoyable copy but one that has been more heavily played. Pic sleeves with this grade will have noticeable wear. VG-: A 45 that will have either pressing type noise throughout or crackle type noise throughout but not both. This noise will be low but continous. A decent copy and one that can still be enjoyed. This grade is generally used on only very rare or valuable records. Pic sleeves with this grade will exhibit overall wear and may have a tear or completely split but taped seam. G: The 45 will have both heavy background noise and crackle throughout. It will visually be a very rough copy. This grade is only used on records of extreme rarity or value. Pic sleeves with this grade will have many noticeable defects. All grading is visual unless otherwise stated. Due to time constraints I am not able to play each record. Some records will be visually graded, some will be spot played and some will be fully play graded. Grading method will be stated. Sealed records cannot be returned once opened.
September 10, 2018 - 12:55:28 AM GMT (6 months ago)


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