Rare JS DISCOS El Salvador Sambas De Roda e Candobles Da Bahia JLP-102 196???

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July 31, 2013 - 11:01:04 PM GMT (about 9 years ago)
Hard to find & Difficult to obtain! Don't be fooled by cheap price! I drive near and far in southern california to find obscure vinyl Id like to see these in good hands…….or off to Goodwill JS DISCOS Salvador Sambas De Roda e candobles da bahia JLP-102Matrix sayas JLP 103 Runout Sleeve has split on bottom but is still attached in /Good Minus -/good shape shapeVinyl is in Excellent near mint shape!Classic vintage color artwork sleeve is OLGA DE ALAKETU E CORÔ ladoA:1-Saudação a Exú;2-Saudação a Ogum;3-Saudação a Oxóssi;4-Saudação a Omulu(Abaluaê);5-Saudação a Yrá(Xango);6-Saudação a Yansã;7-Saudação a Oxum(Igê-xa);8-Saudação a Povo de Ketu. MESTRE BIMBA E CORÔ ladoB:1-Quero ver rolar;2-Flor de mangueira;3-Lemba do barro vermelho;4-Ê canoeiro;5-Sábia cantou;6-Sereiá;7-O trem corre;8-Fogo na sabiá;9-Le-le a turma de Bimba chegou. COMES WITH A CD SELECTION ALL ETERNAL SCAVENGER VINYL PURCHASES COME WITH A Pro Tool CD TRANSFER! (I always keep a copy for myself..and give one to customer as a gift) $$$ back guarantee Ships quik from Los Angeles California Any questions feel free to email
July 24, 2013 - 11:01:04 PM GMT (about 9 years ago)
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  1. Hello, how are you? My name is João Paulo I live in Brazil and I am a practitioner and researcher of regional capoeira. There are times I search the LP sambas of roda and candomlés of Bahia to buy. I saw the ad on a website, I wonder if you still have a copy to sell. This is the only Master Bimba lp that is missing for me. See you. Thank you
  2. Hello Still to sell?