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RARE ROCKABILLY 45 from 1956 BY BUDDY KNOX / JIMMY BOWEN. Record is released on the TRIPLE -D label as number G80W-797. Songs are "PARTY DOLL " and "I'M STICKIN' WITH YOU" . Record is A VERY SOLID VG+-and is nice and clean-only light scuffs and nothing you can feel on Party Doll side and one small mark you can feel on "B" side. I played both sides and it plays great-no background noise or clicks or anything on Party Doll side and only very slight background noise in a couple of spots on quieter flip side. Labels are clean -see scans. THIS IS THE ULTRA RARE BLUE MOON PUBLISHERS RELEASE WHICH WAS THE FIRST PRESSING-SEE NOTES BELOW FROM KNOX WEBSITE. VERY LIMITED PRESSING quote from Knox website A few days later Knox, Bowen and Lanier found themselves at Norman Petty’s studio in Clovis, New Mexico. For the $60 they had in their pockets, they spent three days recording three songs that would change their lives forever. Knox recalls, "I don’t think Norman really spotted the potential at the time. I don’t think he was really alert to what was happening in the music business as far as our type of music was concerned." Buddy rehashes the three days at Norman Petty’s studio, "Looking back it’s just something that happened 40 years ago. You try to remember a moment that was so great but in time you forget some of the small details because you didn’t know that would be the one moment in time that would change your life. You have to remember a recording session was a lot different in 1956 than it is today, you had to do everything in one take. The recordings were done on only one track, none of this 24 track studio stuff." Knox laughs, "Boy an artist today sure does have it made. I can remember having Jimmy Bowen on stand up bass, Don Lanier on lead guitar, and I was on rhythm guitar and lead vocals. We didn’t have a drummer, but a boy by the name of David Alldred, who joined the band later, was a session player for Norman Petty, so we used him. I can remember looking at him and all he had was two drumsticks and a box with cotton pushed up in it. I still think that makes a heck of a drum sound." Continuing to laugh, "Then we discovered that Jimmy couldn’t play bass well enough for Petty to record him, so we found this other guy hanging around the studio to do the honors. We had a girl from the Clovis High School to play the cymbals and my sister and two of her friends sang background vocals." Chester Oliver, owner of Blue Moon Records and Seminole Publishing in Texas, heard the recordings and asked Knox if he could press 1,500 copies of "Party Doll" and "I’m Sticking With You" on a 45rpm record. Then they formed a small label called Triple-D, named after a Dumas, Texas radio station KDDD where Bowen had worked. A DJ in Amarillo named Dean Kelly played "Party Doll" and it became a local hit. Over 200 copies of the Triple-D record were sold and Knox was on his way. When asked who owned the master tapes and the publishing of the Norman Petty recordings, Knox said, "We paid for the session and gave Chester Oliver the master tapes to press the Triple-D records and never saw the stuff again." The first pressings have Blue Moon as the publishing on both sides...as the labels ran out there are some records with the Blue Moon publishing listed on only one side of the record....He changed the publishing to Oliver and Son (Chester and Tommy). NOTE: SHIPPING TO USA $4 to CANADA $16 AND OVERSEAS $29.55 Cost is estimated. I will only charge actual cost. I SHIP ONLY USING TRACKING NUMBER SO COST IS ESTIMATED BASED ON THAT. All records are strictly graded and come with a 100% money back guarantee. All records are original, first pressings unless otherwise noted. If the record is an LP, EP or has a picture sleeve, the record is graded first, followed by the cover or sleeve. Grading is based on the following criteria Mint = store stock new NEAR Mint = near new with only one or two small insignificant defects VG++ = extremely nice. Would be Mint-, except for a couple of light scratches or scuffs, which do not affect play VG+ = a nice, but used record that may have a series of light scuffs or scratches. It probably plays with a few pops, but has no serious problems. VG = a well-used record that still sounds OK when played, but may have moderate surface noise, pops, etc. VG- = a very well-worn record that plays through without skipping, but will do until a better copy comes along. Payment by PayPal preferred.
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