Rare Soul Funk 33: Moses Dillard and Tex-Town Display "Now!" 1969 Tex Town

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March 13, 2018 - 06:29:08 PM GMT (9 months ago)
Rare-soul-funk-33-moses-dillard-and-tex-town-display-now-1969-tex-town_37668606 Rare-soul-funk-33-moses-dillard-and-tex-town-display-now-1969-tex-town_37668609 Rare-soul-funk-33-moses-dillard-and-tex-town-display-now-1969-tex-town_37668613
MOSES DILLARDand the Tex-Town Display"Now!" Tex-Town RecordsTT-921 The cover does not have any splits but has other cosmetic issues.Check the attached photos closely to make a fair assessment ofthe cover. The vinyl label has writing on Side 1 but none on Side 2.The playing surface has very good color and gloss, with random andvery light marks. None of these marks generate any significant noiseon Side 1. There is audible light scratchiness (intermittent) on Side 2,which features all instrumental cuts. At no time, however, is the noiseoverwhelming and there are no skips anywhere on either side. Shipping is via Priority Mail with tracking.
March 06, 2018 - 06:29:08 PM GMT (9 months ago)


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