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June 11, 2021 - 04:32:09 PM GMT (9 days ago)
This VINTAGE USA EARLY ROCKABILLY VINYL 45 RPM SINGLE is by JIMMY DELL titled COOL IT BABY b/w THE MESSAGE on RCA records MONO label #47-7194. This vinyl is in VG+ condition with the generic RCA sleeve in VG++ CONDITION .. SHIPPING FROM CANADA PHOTOS ARE OF ITEM FOR SALE. I'M GRADING THESE UNDER A HALOGEN LIGHT, SO YOU CAN BE ASSURED THESE ARE IN CONDITION STATED. THESE ARE CONSERVATIVELY GRADED. PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING CAREFULLY; These records are all from an uncle who was a very avid record collector who has amassed this collection over a 40 year period. Music was his passion and remember going to his home and many would be displayed on walls and had his whole garage a collage of record covers and 45's. Drove my aunt crazy. He would go to garage sales, thrift stores, record shows and bring these home by the box fulls. All genres of music are in this collection so there is something for everyone, his only criteria, it needed to be in exceptional condition. He has said it is time for these to go so that others may enjoy what he has enjoyed for the past 40 years. There are over 40,000 records plus 10,000 45's in this collection most if not all in the VG+ to Near Mint condition. There are a few that are rarer and in lesser condition, but will be indentified as they are listed. These will be listed for some time so visit often. THE GRADING;FACTORY SEALED UNOPENED RECORD ... WOULD BE ASSUMED TO BE MINT. MINT PRISTINE, HAS NO SPINDLE TRAILS AND APPEARS JUST LIKE IT CAME OUT OF THE JACKET FOR THE FIRST TIME. NEAR MINT RECORD... WILL HAVE ALL ORIGINAL GLOSS, AT WORST POSSIBLY A LIGHT SURFACE SCUFF UP TO MINT UNPLAYED.VG++ OR VG+++ RECORD ... THIS IS A RECORD WELL TAKEN CARE OF, PLAYED LITTLE, BUT MAY SHOW A SCUFF OR HAIRLINE OR TWO ON EACH OR EITHER SIDE, BUT WILL NOT HAVE ANY FEELABLE SCRATCHES. THIS RECORD WOULD BE ASSUMED TO PLAY IN THE STATED CONDITION. VG+ RECORD will HAVE A FEW MORE SCUFFS OR HAIRLINES AND MAX ONE FEELABLE TOTAL. GOOD OR VG RECORD WILL HAVE NUMEROUS HAIRLINES AND A SOME FEELABLES. SHIPPING WILL BE WITH DELIVERY CONFIRMATION IF YOU ARE IN THE US. THESE ARE ALL VISUALLY GRADED BUT ARE QUALITY PIECES, BUT IF FOR SOME REASON, YOU ARE NOT SATISFIED PLEASE RETURN THE ITEM FOR A REFUND, BUT I WILL NOT PAY RETURN SHIPPING. , AS THE INTENTION HERE IS TO PASS THIS ENJOYMENT TO OTHERS AND WE WILL DO ALL WE CAN TO SATISFY BIDDERS. IF AN ITEM IS NOT RARE PLEASE DO NOT SEND EMAIL QUESTIONS ASKING FOR PLAY LIST OF LP'S. THESE CAN BE EASILY BE GOOGLED. GOOD LUCK BIDDING ON THESE EXCEPTIONAL ITEMS.
June 01, 2021 - 04:32:09 PM GMT (19 days ago)


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