Rolling Stones “Sticky Fingers” 1971 original vinyl in EX cond. COC-59100 

$29.88 USD
October 11, 2018 - 11:59:01 PM GMT (2 months ago)
Rolling-stones-sticky-fingers-1971-original-vinyl-in-ex-cond-coc-59100_42520616 Rolling-stones-sticky-fingers-1971-original-vinyl-in-ex-cond-coc-59100_42520628 Rolling-stones-sticky-fingers-1971-original-vinyl-in-ex-cond-coc-59100_42520651
Rolling Stones “Sticky Fingers” 1971 original vinyl in EX cond. COC-59100 / ST-RS 712989 Catalog number appears as "COC 59100" on sleeve spine and center labels, as "COC-59100" on inner sleeve. Alternate number on labels: ST-RS 712189 / 712190 Vinyl:· Both sides are clean with very light surface wear (pic #11) that does not affect playing· No skips or annoying crackling· Tested & plays super nice Cover: Gatefold Andy Warhol “zipper” cover with working zipper Interior “underpants” picture by Andy Warhol No ring wear on front or back No writing or markings on interior or exterior sides No splits on any seams Solid spine (pic # 7) Cover Flaws: Although this is a gatefold cover, it was manufactured with the gatefold glued shut. To view the interior image, the glued cover had to be forcibly separated, resulting in glue residue / scuffing to the left interior and right interior seams (pics # 2 & 8). Minor shelf wear along bottom seam (pic # 9) Faint indentation from metal zipper on interior photo of underpants (pic # 8) Labels: Yellow label with Rolling Stones’ Lips & Tongue logo Pristine condition No ring wear or writing on either side Inner Sleeve (pic # 10): Custom inner sleeve features band photo on one side, Rolling Stones' Tongue & Lips logo and technical credits on the other Sleeve in excellent condition No splits No writing or marks Minor creases on top edges Runout wax codes (etched- pic # 12): Side One: ST – RS 712189 A Rolling Stones Records Side Two: ST – RS 712190 B Rolling Stones Records USPS Media Mail shipping included Priority Mail shipping available at buyer's expense U.S. BUYERS ONLY – NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING
October 01, 2018 - 11:59:01 PM GMT (2 months ago)
33 RPM
Rolling-stones-sticky-fingers-1971-original-vinyl-in-ex-cond-coc-59100_42520700 Rolling-stones-sticky-fingers-1971-original-vinyl-in-ex-cond-coc-59100_42520737 Rolling-stones-sticky-fingers-1971-original-vinyl-in-ex-cond-coc-59100_42520777 Rolling-stones-sticky-fingers-1971-original-vinyl-in-ex-cond-coc-59100_42520793 Rolling-stones-sticky-fingers-1971-original-vinyl-in-ex-cond-coc-59100_42520797 Rolling-stones-sticky-fingers-1971-original-vinyl-in-ex-cond-coc-59100_42520806 Rolling-stones-sticky-fingers-1971-original-vinyl-in-ex-cond-coc-59100_42520809 Rolling-stones-sticky-fingers-1971-original-vinyl-in-ex-cond-coc-59100_42520811 Rolling-stones-sticky-fingers-1971-original-vinyl-in-ex-cond-coc-59100_42520813


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