Senseless Death LP 1989 Condemned Attitude Psycho Dehumanizers NM/NM Thrashcore

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May 16, 2018 - 04:27:18 PM GMT (7 months ago)
Senseless-death-lp-1989-condemned-attitude-psycho-dehumanizers-nm-nm-thrashcore_39325735 Senseless-death-lp-1989-condemned-attitude-psycho-dehumanizers-nm-nm-thrashcore_39325738
Senseless Death Lp 1989 Ever Rat Records featuring Sacred Denial(3 songs) Fear Itself(2 songs) A.M.Q.A.(5 songs) Condemned Dehumanizers(2 songs) Impulse Manslaughter(6 songs) Attitude(2 songs) Cancerous Growth(2 songs) Sea Monkeys(2 songs) Pyscho. This record was originally released in 1988 on Nuclear Blast Records in 1989 Ever Rat released this version with 6 extra tracks. Being a teenager in the Chicago suburbs during the mid-late '80s meant i got to see Impulse Manslaughter play every time I trekked up to Durty Nellies, since it seemed like they were on every bill. Cutting edge thrash they were great live. Cancerous Growth & Charlie Infection will always hold a special place in my heart because he was the first person to respond to a mail interview I sent out for a zine I was helping out with. A short time later I'd start my own zine and Charlie would send Ax/ction Records for review and ad space. This is a great snapshot into the evolution of punk/hardcore into thrash the sub genre that was starting to hit its peak. Vinyl is NM Cover is NM
May 06, 2018 - 04:27:18 PM GMT (7 months ago)


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