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isnw_ecp ARTIST: IGNACIO PIÑERO & SEPTETO NACIONAL TITLE: SONES CUBANOS LABEL & RELEASE YEAR: EDITORA NACIONAL NACIONAL DE DISCOS #SMLD-P1 (1962) RECORD CONDITION: SOME SKIPS (2 TRACKS...MAMEYA, BARDO...VG-), REST MOSTLY STRONG VG TO VG+....TO BE SOLD AS IS!!!! HEAVY VINYL! LABELS CONDITION: SIDE A WITH A SIGNATURE, SIDE B IS OK!! COVER CONDITION: VG (SEAMS TAPED) WITH A RARE IGNACIO'S PHOTO FROM THE LATE 50s TRACKS SIDE A: Mayeya, No Jueges Con Los Santos (SKIPS) Bardo (SKIPS) Lejana Campiña Canta La Vueltabajera Guanajo Relleno TRACKS SIDE B: Esas No Son Cubanas Suavecito Alma Guajira Castigador Echale Salsita (MY NOTE: ONE OF THE 1ST RECORDINGS MENTIONING THE WORD "SALSA") REMARKS: NOT AN EGREM/AREYTO PRESSING!!! THIS IS ONE OF THE EARLIEST ISSUE FROM THE LABELS "NACIONALIZADAS" BY FIDEL! PIÑERO RECORDED THESE TRACKS AROUND 1959!!!! 1959....SEECO....1960 FIDEL BEGAN TO TAKE OVER PANART, SUARITOS, PUCHITO, SEECO, RCA, ETC...SOME MASTERS WERE SMUGGLED TO MIAMI, MOST STAYED THERE, IN CUBA...THIS IS A HEAVY VINYL FROM THE ACTUAL RECORDING MADE IN 1959...DO NOT KNOW IF THE ORIGINAL SEECO RECORDING (THE SEECO DISCOGRAPHY IN THE WEB DO NOT MENTION ANY DETAILS!!) MADE IT TO THE MARKET SINCE IT WAS THE YEAR OF THE "REVOLUTION"....BUT IF THE BIGGEST CUBAN HISTORIAN AND COLLECTOR WROTE HE NEVER HEARD IT (SEE BELOW) IT BECOMES A RARITY...PIÑERO DIED IN 1969! FROM THE WEB : FROM THE CRISTOBAL DIAZ AYALA WEB SITE: Lp Seeco 9278 “Sones cubanos-Septeto Nacional de Ignacio Piñeiro” Grabado en 1959, según los archivos de la seeco.. Cantan: B. León 2da. voz, Joseíto Núñez y Carlos Embale, este es generalmente el solista. Reeditado como CD Bravo 104. Además, el Lp Teca Lis 601, parece ser también copia de este Lp, pues tiene exactamente los mismos números. Oropesa, en la p. 124 de su libro, menciona un lp editado en 1961, por la Imprenta Nacional de Cuba, bajo el sello Sierra Maestra, bajo el número SMLD-PI-1961. Los números son iguales al seeco 9278, no lo hemos escuchado, según Oropesa, Joséito Núñez es la voz líder, pero en el Seeco, es Embale con Bienvenido de segunda voz.....???? "One of the better examples of the urban son sound, popular in '30s Havana. This music is the precursor of Arsenio Rodríguez and the conjunto sound of the '40s and '50s. Carlos Embale's vocals are extraordinarily brilliant on this record: bright, crisp, and lilting. 'Mayeya, No Jueges Con Los Santos,' 'Esas No Son Cubanas,' and 'Echale Salsita' are classics." (Henry Fiol 98/99 Catalog) "One of my favorite albums just for its sheer roots and classic songs. For the serious or casual listener, I highly recommend this album." (Chuck Silverman 96/97 Catalog) GENERAL COMMENTS: Before asking condition questions check the grade and our grading scale below. Song/Track listings are available upon request, but it may take us a couple days to get back to you with them. If you google search most records, you can usually find a good track listing. Check our other items, buy multiple items and get a shipping discount. All records are visually graded, A FEW TRACKS ARE PLAYED, NOT ALL. We do not have the time to play ALL TRACKS or grade each individual track (impossible task due to the time it takes but the grading should be the most accurate possible...a sound clip is included!. NEW EBAY REGULATION: If you are unhappy with the condition please contact us first and give us an opportunity to make everything right. We will give our full effort to make you happy. We grade similar to the Goldmine record grading standards. SHIPPING: Please use the shipping calculator under the shipping and payments tab above to get a price quote for international shipping. If you have trouble please contact us. If you are buying more than 1 item please e-mail us for a shipping discount quote. When you are all done shopping contact us, or submit a request for total and we can update your total to reflect your shipping discount. NOW PRIORITY MAIL INCLUDES FREE INSURANCE!!! VINYL GRADING SCALE: Near Mint (NM) (Jacket) If the jacket is sealed there may be some minor corner damage from storage, it may or may not have the shrink-wrap, but the jacket itself will be in pristine condition. The corners will show very little wear (there will be no fraying) and will still be somewhat pointy to the touch. The cover will show no more than very minor dents or some single creases, no full bends that will cause multiple creases/damage. There will be no visible ring wear. No writing, rips or tears on the cover or seams. No bubbling, water/mold stains or peeling of the cover in any way. The inside of the gate-fold will be in the same condition. Cutout bin punches, price stickers, staples would start being listed at the NM category and would be noted accordingly as they affect the jacket itself. (LP) You should not hear any surface noise (snaps,crackles, pops) when you play the record. There will not be any skips or repeats. The LP will retain that just opened appearance. There may be a surface blemish or two, but they will not have any affect on the sound. There will be no warping. There will be no major blemishes, light or deep scratches. The label will be free of writing and stains. There should be no spindle marks. Excellent (VG++) (Jacket) May or may not have shrink-wrap but the jacket itself will still be in beautiful condition. The corners will have minimal wear (no fraying).There may be minor dents and creases . Light scratches could be on the jacket, but nothing severe. Depending on age some discolor/yellowing may show, but will not be overbearing. Ring wear should be very minimal or dark, full, half, or quarter rings. No writing rips or tears. No bubbling, water stains or peeling of the cover . All inner gate-folds will be in similar condition. (LP) You should not hear any sustained surface noise (snaps,crackles, pops) when you play the record. There will not be any skips or repeats. The LP will retain its most of it's glossiness and will appear like new. There may be a few surface blemishes, or a stray light scratch that may cause a moment of crackling, but nothing prolonged, and instances of this will be few. Often this will mostly occur only at the beginning of the groove on each side where the needle dropped. There will be no warping. There will be no deep scratches. There may be minor spotting or fog, but it will not affect the sound. The label will be free of writing and stains. Minimal spindle marks. Very Good Plus (VG+) (Jacket) May or may not have shrink wrap. There may be some easier to see imperfections, though nothing that will detract from the overall appearance in a major way. The corners will have some wear and there may be the beginnings of fraying but not full on. Some dents/creases or scratches may be noticeable, but nothing too pronounced. There could be noticeable discolor/yellowing .There may be some minor ring wear at the top and bottom; again you would have to look for it. No writing, rips or tears. Possibly some light bubbling. No water/mold stains or peeling of the cover in any way. (LP) There may be some blemishes, maybe a scratch or two, but nothing too deep. It will not cause the record to skip or repeat. There will be no prolonged surface noise. There may be some minor warping but it will have no affect on the listening experience at all. Chances are there will be spindle marks. A VG+ record will show some signs that it was played and otherwise handled by a previous owner who took good care of it. Very Good (VG/VG-) TO BE SOLD AS IS!!! (Jacket) May or may not have shrink wrap. There will be some easier to see imperfections, though nothing that will detract from the overall appearance in a major way. The corners will have some wear or fraying possibly causing seam splitting close to the seam. There may be split seams on any side. Usually not full side splits though. Sometimes they may be fixed by tape, sometimes not. Some dents/creases or scratches will be noticeable on the jacket, sometimes pronounced. Discolor and yellowing can be commonplace, as are smaller water/mold stains and some bubbling. There maybe a smaller tear on the cover, but nothing overly pronounced. Ring wear will certainly be pronounced. There may be some writing/defacing, but it will be minor. (LP) There will be some blemishes, and some few scratches. They should not be at the feel-able stage though. There could be a skip or repeat, but only one or two at most. More often the deeper scratches will cause more frequent and prolonged surface noise. There may be some warping but it will not cause the needle to jump. Chances are there will be spindle marks. A VG/VG- record will obviously have been played and occasionally handled roughly by the original owner. SHIPPING & HANDLING CHART: # LPs 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 or More U.S.A MEDIA * $4.00 $4.25 $4.25 $4.25 $4.50 $4.50 ASK U.S.A PRIORITY * $10.00 $11.00 $13.00 $12.00 $16.15 16.50 ASK CANADA $12.00 $15.00 $18.00 $19.00 ASK ASK ASK EUROPE $19.25 $22.00 $26.50 $30.00 ASK ASK ASK ASIA $19.35 $22.00 $26.50 $30.00 ASK ASK ASK AUSTRALIA $19.35 $22.00 $26.50 $30.00 ASK ASK ASK MEXICO $17.00 $20.00 $25.00 $29.00 ASK ASK ASK CARIBBEAN $17.00 $22.50 $25.00 $29.00 ASK ASK ASK SOUTH AMERICA $17.00 $22.50 $25.00 $29.00 ASK ASK ASK *INCLUDES U.S. POSTAL TRACKING #......GATEFOLD COVER COUNT AS 2 LPs NEW: PRIORITY MAIL NOW INCLUDES FREE INSURANCE AGAINST LOSS & DAMAGE!!! 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