SIGNED - David LIVELY - Dutilleux/Schumann/Brahms - DECCA - BELGIUM

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David Lively, pianoLaureate of The Queen Elisabeth Contest 1972Signed on the back by David Lively Dutilleux: SonateSchumann: Toccata Op 7Brahms: Variations sur un Theme de Paganini Label: DECCA - 774/173.004 X - Made in Belgium - 1972 Record: EXSound: EXCover: VG+ I never grade Mint when the record is not sealed. !!! Read Grading Below !!! (Grading is adjusted to each described record) Please read about returns at the bottom. SHIPPING FEES (Incl. Track & Trace)We ship weekly on Thursday. With buying our records you are agreeing with the shipping fees as listed below:When you want to know a shipping fee for a certain weight, or amount of records, or a certain country, please mail me. Package up to 1 KG - there can go 1 more record (no gate-folded sleeves) into this package. COMBINED SHIPPING IS POSSIBLE & CHEAPER EUROPE BELGIË: up to 5 KG : 7 $ LUXEMBURG NEDERLAND: up to 5 KG : 12 $ - 10 KG : 15 $ FRANCE: up to 2 KG : 15 $ - 10 KG : 17 $ GERMANY: up to 5 KG : 13 $ - 10 KG : 15 $ UK: up to 2 KG : 16 $ - 10 KG : 17 $DENMARK - ITALY - AUSTRIA : up to 10 KG : 17 $FINLAND - PORTUGAL - SPAIN - SWEDEN: up to 10 KG : 21 $ REST OF EUROPE (excl Rusland): up to 2 KG : 24 $ - 10 KG : 34 $ USAup to 1 KG : 21 $ - 2 KG : 29 $ - 3 KG : 34 $ - 5 KG : 42 $OUTSIDE EUROPE (NOT USA)up to 2 KG : 29 $ - 5 KG : 42 $ - 10 KG : 69 $Mail me with any question. GRADINGVisual - and spot listeningPlease, read them! When there are specific imperfections on a record I will mention them together with the grading. MOnly when the record is sealed NM Record: the vinyl looks glossy and clearly has only been played a few times. There are maybe 1 or 2 minimal marks on the vinyl. Sound: plays very clean, maybe a minor sound can be heard, nothing more than that. NM-Record: The vinyl looks glossy and clearly has only been played a few times. There are a few very light marks on the vinyl. Sound: plays very clean, a few small sounds spread over the whole record, nothing more. Cover: as new with minimal wear EXRecord: still very shiny with some soft swipes. Sound: still excellent with occasionally a small tick or a short, soft sound, nothing more. Cover: still very good with a bit wear => See photos. VG+Record: still very shiny with some hairlines and/or some soft marks or swipes. Sound: still very good with now and then 2 à 3 small ticks and/or a short, soft surface noise. Nothing that is infecting hear-playCover: still very good with some wear => See photos. G Record: still shiny but you can see some hairlines and/or some small scuffs across the surfaceSound: is still good with sometimes a mild surface noise and/or some short patches of minor, sometimes, mediocre ticking with maybe a plop here or there. Hear-play can be slightly infected in some very small zones. Overall, the sound is still dominating these imperfectionsCover: is still looking good but there is some wear on corners, edges and/or spine. There can be some small splits (max 0,50 cm) next to the inlet. There is some surface-wear like ring-wear or maybe some discolorations Not so good:> only when the record is a very rare oneRecord: is not really 100 % shiny anymore. There are lines, scuffs and/or swipes across the surfaceSound: there is a moderate surface noise, throughout or intermittent, and/or some patches with serious ticks and/or plops. The record doesn?t skip. Hear-play is infected in some zones but the record is still fine for general listening, nothing moreCover: there is real wear on corners, edges and spine. There are splits in the seams, serious ring-wear or surface-wear. Look at the photo to have a better idea of the condition Returns:I accept returns under conditions. I only accept returns for serious reasons. Not because of second thoughts. Records are too fragile to ship them around for no reason. Thank you for your understanding. Please mail me with any question before and after buying.
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