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March 14, 2013 - 12:00:14 AM GMT (over 9 years ago)
isnw_ecp isnw_ecp isnw_ecp isnw_ecp isnw_ecp isnw_ecpWHAT YOU ARE BIDDING ON IS ONE OF BOB MARLEY'S RAREST RECORD .....A BLANK LABEL 7"....ONE SIDE HAS A BLANK LABEL..THE OTHER SIDE HAS NO LABEL AT ALL,I DON'T THINK THERE WAS EVER A LABEL ON THAT SIDE BECAUSE THERE IS NO SIGN OF GLUE RESIDUE TO HOLD LABEL ONTO VINYL.....THIS LOOKS TO BE AN EARLY PRESSING OF THIS RECORD AS I PURCHASED THIS IN JAMAICA LAST WEEK FROM AN OLDER JAMAICAN GENTLEMEN WHO HAD COLLECTED THOUSANDS OF 7" RECORDS FROM THE 60's and 70's....HE ALSO CLAIMED THAT BOB MARLEY CAME TO HIS HOUSE A FEW TIMES... ALSO A FEW OTHER ARTISTS AS WELL...HE DID BRING OUT A PHOTO ALBUM WHICH HAD PHOTO'S OF HIM WITH JOHN HOLT,,,DELROY WILSON,,PRINCE BUSTER etc( no photos of him with Marley).......HE SEEMED TO BE LEGIT....AND HAD A GREAT COLLECTION OF MUSIC(WHICH I BOUGHT MOST OFF)... I CHECKED THE MATRIX NUMBER'S ON THIS THEY ARE...FC 6570 FEDERAL(etched)...b/w...FC 6573 FEDERAL(etched) WHICH ARE THE ORIGINAL MATRIX PRESSING NUMBERS(you can verify this with previous auctions or reggae sites) I KNOW DIAMOND BABY WAS REPRESSED IN THE 1970's I'M NOT SURE IF THEY WOULD USE THE SAME EXACT MATRIX NUMBERS........I TRIED TO GET CLEAR CLOSE UP PICS OF THE MATRIX NUMBERS.......ANY QUESTION PLEASE ASK BEFORE BIDDING.. THIS HAS BEEN CONFIRMED AS AN ORIGINAL PRESSING...... isnw_ecp isn ARTIST:::THE WAILERS (ROBERT MARLEY) TITLE:::DIAMOND BABY...b/w...WHERE'S THE GIRL FOR ME LABEL :::ONE SIDED BLANK LABEL WITH NO LABEL ON FLIP MATRIX# FC 6570 FEDERAL...b/w...FC 6573 FEDERAL NOTE:::1960's CONDITION::: VINYL VG++ nice condition HEAR ACTUAL SOUND CLIP SOUND CLIP ((((see grade chart for more details)))) SEE PIC FOR LABEL CONDITION SOUND CLIP TO FOLLOW PLEASE WAIT FOR MY INVOICE BEFORE PAYING USPS HAS RAISED INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING RATES AS OF 1/28/13 WHICH NOW WILL BE REFLECTED IN MY AUCTIONS INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING COSTS..... S/H USA MEDIA MAIL (1) RECORDS $10.00 PRIORITY WITH INSURANCE AND SIGNATURE CONFIRMATION ....$1.00 each additional record INTERNATIONAL S/H EXPRESS MAIL(tracking/insurance) $35.00 INTERNATIONAL BUYERS PLEASE BE PATIENCE WITH SHIPPING TIME,I CANNOT CONTROL MAIL SHIPPING TIME AFTER I SEND ITEMS OUT.....INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING TAKES UP TO 14 DAYS AND AT TIMES CAN TAKE LONGER... RECORDS SELLING AT HIGH DOLLAR WILL BE SENT INSURED AND ACTUAL COST WILL BE PUT ON CUSTOMS DECLARATION FORMS.....ANY ADDED CUSTOMS FEES ARE THE RESPONSABILITY OF BUYER...... ITEMS NORMALLY SHIPPED WITHIN 4 DAYS AFTER PAYMENT PAYPAL PAYMENT WITHIN 3 DAYS SEE GRADING SCALE BELOW SS (Still Sealed) = Has Original Unopened factory seal. Disc is assumed to be undamaged and mint, but this can’t be proven until the album is actually opened and the disc examined. Any flaws on cover will be noted. M (Mint) = perfection, no flaws, defects or marks indicating handling or playing. We rarely use this grade, and if when we do it is usually on the disc. Pristine! It looks as if you just got it home from a the record store and removed the shrink wrap. Rare Copy, can be worth much more than M- price. M- / NM (Near Mint) = Has a very minor defect or two that disqualifies it as mint. Vinyl, Labels & Cover are virtually flawless, bright and shiny. Minor defects can be barely visible scuffs or hairline marks, label may have a small mark or be off center, cover might have a few small dents, or a tiny mark. VG++ = (Non-standard GoldMine grade, middle grade between M- and VG+.) Some visible surface wear, few very minor scratches and scuffs, with minimal impact on the sound quality. Vinyl will still have good luster; labels may have minor imperfections (small labels or initials, etc.) but otherwise clean. Cover has only slight wear and artwork is frameable. VG+ = Record will have moderate surface wear and may have light record noise at times but still plays nicely. There will be no skips, and audio quality is quite enjoyable, scratches are light and can’t be felt with fingernail. There might be a slight warp that doesn’t affect sound quality. The cover will have some wear but it is still nice to look at, a small seam split might be present. Flaws are quite varied at this grade level, and can include any of them but not very many. In general the vinyl will sound good and the cover will look good. VG = Record will show heavier surface wear and surface noise from play, but still not overpower the music. Sporadic clicks/pops might be heard in spots on the record, and light surface noise between tracks. Yet, there are no skips or serious defects in the vinyl, a few scratches that can be felt. The cover starts to look worn or discolored, but the artwork is still attractive, it is common to have a seam split with this grade. Flaws are quite varied at this grade level and can include any of them within this range. VG-(minus) = Record is well-played, has some heavy scratches, heavy wear, dullness or distracting surface noise yet doesn’t overpower the listening experience and should play without skipping. Cover starts to be less attractive with large splits, wear on art, heavy ring wear or tape repairs.
March 11, 2013 - 12:00:14 AM GMT (over 9 years ago)
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  1. nice story in the discription, but this is not an original!
  2. This is my auction.....FAKE BIDDER