Sonic Youth - Goodbye 20th Century - Double Vinyl LP (Sonic Youth Records -1999)

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March 22, 2016 - 02:26:39 PM GMT (almost 6 years ago)
Artist : Sonic Youth Title : Goodbye 20th Century Format : Double Vinyl LP Sonic Youth Records (SYR 4) Double Vinyl LP. 1999 pressing. NOT typical Sonic Youth music...but, if you're reading this, you probably already know that. Part of the "Musical Perspectives" series of experimental/avant garde music they released. Vinyl visually inspected under strong light shown no problems at all. Vinyl is very clean and very shiny. No scratches, and only the very lightest of surface marks in just a couple of places. Both LPs look superb. There are a few "wispy" marks here and there that are the result of the vinyl being taken from the paper inner and replaced, or maybe even the kind of wispy marks that can occur at the vinyl cutting stage. Both vinyl records have not been played more than once or twice at the most, and are in superb condition. Outer sleeve in excellent condition too. Still in original shrink wrap, that has been opened carefully to remove the records inside. No edge wear, no corner wear. The very faintest of ring wear starting to appear on back cover at the top, but this can only be seen when held up to strong light, and I'm being very fussy. Overall condition is almost new, I'd say. Inner sleeves are just plain white paper, and in fine condition. So, to sum up....hardly played, lovely condition vinyl, almost new condition sleeve. Excellent copy of this experimental LP from Sonic Youth. Just don't expect to hear Kool Thing or Teenage Riot if you bid and win ! Tracklisting :- Face A 1. Edges (Christian Wolff) 2. Six For New Time (Pauline Oliveros) Face B 1. Having Never Written A Note For Percussion (James Tenney) 2. Six (John Cage) 3. + - (Takehisa Kosugi) 4. Voice Piece For Soprano (Yoko Ono) 5. Piece Enfantine (Nicolas Slonimsky) 6. Treatise (Cornelius Cardew) Face C 1. Four (John Cage) Face D 1. Six (John Cage) 2. Burdocks (Christian Wolff) 3. Piano Piece #13 (Carpenter's Piece) (George Maciunas) 4. Pendulum Music (Steve Reich) Records will be posted first class in the UK, and airmail to anywhere else in the world (prices will vary depending on single or double LPs - see individual listings for costs) Records posted in good quality packaging with card stiffeners to ensure your items reach you in the same condition they were sent out in. Wherever possible, vinyl and inner sleeve will be removed from the outer sleeve and posted that way to reduce the risk of damaging the outer and inner sleeve of the record in transit. Low starting price - good luck and happy bidding
March 15, 2016 - 02:26:39 PM GMT (almost 6 years ago)
LP (12-Inch)


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