Star Wars Trilogy Original Soundtrack LPs Gold Vinyl 2015 reissues (NM/VG+)

$65.00 USD
January 22, 2019 - 01:45:16 AM GMT (about 1 month ago)
Star-wars-trilogy-original-soundtrack-lps-gold-vinyl-2015-reissues-nm-vg_44791548 Star-wars-trilogy-original-soundtrack-lps-gold-vinyl-2015-reissues-nm-vg_44791563 Star-wars-trilogy-original-soundtrack-lps-gold-vinyl-2015-reissues-nm-vg_44791594
You are bidding on a set of vinyl soundtrack reissues of the original Star Wars trilogy, composed by John Williams. These LPs were released by Sony Classical on gold vinyl in 2015. They were all purchased new a couple years ago and were each played maybe only once or twice. Star Wars (Cover, NM / Vinyl, NM)This only came with the insert describing the film and music. Poster and other inserts were not included. The Empire Strikes Back (Cover, VG+ / Vinyl, NM)The booklet inside the gatefold cover is torn off from the staples. (It was like that when I purchased it.) There are also two very small tears at the top edges of the cover. See pictures. Return of the Jedi (Cover, NM / Vinyl, NM)
January 15, 2019 - 01:45:16 AM GMT (about 1 month ago)
Star-wars-trilogy-original-soundtrack-lps-gold-vinyl-2015-reissues-nm-vg_44791628 Star-wars-trilogy-original-soundtrack-lps-gold-vinyl-2015-reissues-nm-vg_44791664 Star-wars-trilogy-original-soundtrack-lps-gold-vinyl-2015-reissues-nm-vg_44791697 Star-wars-trilogy-original-soundtrack-lps-gold-vinyl-2015-reissues-nm-vg_44791712 Star-wars-trilogy-original-soundtrack-lps-gold-vinyl-2015-reissues-nm-vg_44791719 Star-wars-trilogy-original-soundtrack-lps-gold-vinyl-2015-reissues-nm-vg_44791728 Star-wars-trilogy-original-soundtrack-lps-gold-vinyl-2015-reissues-nm-vg_44791733 Star-wars-trilogy-original-soundtrack-lps-gold-vinyl-2015-reissues-nm-vg_44791736 Star-wars-trilogy-original-soundtrack-lps-gold-vinyl-2015-reissues-nm-vg_44791742


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