STARS OF THE LID And The Refinement Decline KRANKY Winged Victory Brian McBride

$68.00 USD
November 27, 2014 - 05:04:50 AM GMT (almost 8 years ago)
Elusive and epic Kranky 100 in exceptionally nice condition, foldout 'pouch' jacket & three (3) LPs all in excellent condition. Slight imprinting on the inner sleeves, which is unavoidable but NO seam splits; will pack & ship carefully to maintain this condition. *** After the post-millennial brick that was "The tired sounds of...", I was afraid that I had heard the last of SoTL. With the guys off in different days (Belgium vs LA), the effort needed to pull together and create anything, let alone something to match their previous best (not to bash Avec Laudinum, Ballasted or the others)would have to be signifigant. But with Refinement they have surpassed all my expectations.This is the finest record to come out of 2007.From the Bartok-esque opening strains of Dungtitled (in A Major), to the final mews of December Hunting for Vegitarian F*ckface, there isn't a point where my attention wanes or my emotions fail to be stirred. This is music that is at the same time cosmic and microscopic. It is the mechanical dreams of Pioneer 10 as it slumbers its way to infinity. It is the opera of hydrogen atoms. It is the songs of the empty spaces in the ocean, and the sound of dust motes in a beam of light as you sleep on a saturday afternoon with your dog.With most of the 'ambient' music that is out there (Eno, Koner, Twin's SAW II, etc), it pays to let it enter the background and occasionally pop up to your attention. With SoTL's newest, I stand-sit-sprawl before my speakers in awe, with wonder at the music = no less than the bombasts of Sigur Ros or GSYBE at their finest moments. Do not buy this for sleeping. Buy this for awakening. ***
November 22, 2014 - 05:04:50 AM GMT (almost 8 years ago)


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