Stevie Ray & Jimmie Vaughan-Family Style-NM Texas Blues-Electric Blues Vinyl LP

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August 14, 2019 - 08:23:55 PM GMT (4 months ago)
So many of my favorite performers died way too young.  Stevie Ray Vaughan was a really tough one for me.  I had just started listening to his music and had become almost fanatical about his music when… he was gone.  But before he left us, he recorded some incredible albums, including this very special album recorded with his brother, Jimmie.  Besides being very special for the incredible music the two guitar phenoms produced together, it is extra-special because it was the last album Stevie Ray recorded before his passing.  He had said for years that one of his dreams was to record an album with his brother.  This dream was realized and the album was released one month after he died.  This is Texas blues guitar at its very best.  The album was released on Epic in 1990, number Z 46225.  This is the original release of the album.  The vinyl is in pristine condition with its bright original luster and no scratches or scuffs.  It plays with virtually no background noise.  The vinyl grades NM.  The album cover shows no ring wear and no corner or edge wear.  All seams are clean, sharp, tight, and intact.  The inner sleeve with lyrics is included.  The cover grades NM.   Track List:  Hard To Be White Boots D / FW Good Texan Hillbillies From Outerspace Long Way From Home Tick Tock Telephone Song Baboom / Mama Said Brothers Grading Information I always clean and then listen to every record I list on eBay.  I do this to make sure I can give as accurate a description of each record as possible.  I will do both a visual check and an audio check.  I absolutely attempt to give as objective a grading as I can.  I don’t ever want you to be disappointed in the quality of the album you receive.   My promise is that I will never put up for auction any album that I would not be proud to play for others on my own turntable.  I use four grades in my grading:  NM, VG+, VG, and G.  The only exception is a sealed album which is presumed to have vinyl in mint condition.  My NM grading means that the vinyl looks and plays as though it is the first time out of the sleeve.  The VG+ rating is used on any album that plays great but has one or two small defects.  It may have a pop here and there or some occasional background static.  On a VG album you can expect that, typically, this album will play great, but you’ll see more defects on this than your VG+ rated album.   Most often the VG rated album may even play well enough to be graded VG+, but the color or blemishes drop the grading.  Likewise, you may occasionally find an album that looks almost NM but the sound quality just isn’t there.  That’s why I play every album first, because this does happen.  In this case the vinyl will be graded VG.  Very occasionally I will list an album with a grade of G.  This is one where I consider the collectible value of the album to be great enough that the copy being presented is worth having as a filler copy.  Shipping Information – Combined Shipping Shipping is $4.00 in the continental U.S.  In addition, I will happily combine records from multiple auctions to reduce total shipping cost.  In fact, I welcome it!  Shipping will be $4.00 in the U.S regardless of the number of auctions won in any 5-day period.  Canada shipping is calculated based on weight using US Postal Service rates.  Combined shipping is also welcomed here and does result in significant per-album cost savings. Canada shipping rates have gone up dramatically. The first album will be shipped for $16.  Additional albums will be shipped for $5 per album, with up to five albums able to be shipped before we need to use International Priority shipping.  At that point we will work together on final determination of shipping cost.  The Canada cost determination also applies for all other International shipping, except that the first album is shipped for $23 and each subsequent is just an additional $6.00.  All albums will be shipped in specially designed album hard cardboard mailers with a cardboard insert to prevent damage upon opening.  The vinyl is removed from the cover and presented in a new poly sleeve.  I am committed to one day turnaround on shipments.  If I receive payment before 7:00 AM Central Time I will package and ship that same day.  Payment by PayPal is preferred.  Thank you  for looking and please contact me with any questions.
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