Styx 4LP LOT Pieces of Eight Grand Illusion Cornerstone Paradise Theatre

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January 11, 2015 - 06:58:40 PM GMT (over 9 years ago)
An incredible rock collection! Most is EX to NM. Grading is cover/record. Pieces Eight VG+/VGIllusion VG+/VGCornerstone fold-around cover G+/EXParadise VG+/VG laser etched vinyl Grading is visual only and conservative (using Ebay categories): Mint (I almost never use this grade unless it's sealed) means perfect Near Mint means just shy of perfect Excellent means light wear, or a couple light marks Very Good Plus means more significant wear but nothing serious, or more than a couple light marks and/or a few hairlines Very Good has more serious wear but it's definitely not garbage, LP has marks and hairlines Good Plus and Good start getting into "hole filler" category but still playable/enjoyable if you aren't picky. A Good record may have a skip or jump or something like that. They will surely have some significant noise. Poor is definitely a hole filler INTERNATIONAL ORDERS PAY ACTUAL SHIPPING COSTS. That includes the postage, the box, and the significant chunk of the postage money that ebay takes for itself. It usually takes me a couple days to pull all of the international orders of multiple items (of course I combine shipping), box them, weigh them, and then send the correct invoice. I appreciate your patience. If your package weighs more than 4 pounds, it must be sent priority mail. SHIPPING IS JUST $6 FOR 2 OR MORE LPs WITHIN THE USA. If the automatic ebay calculator doesn't give you the discount, just wait for an invoice. I do not sell recent re-issues. All records are vintage, unless I specifically say otherwise. As far as grading, I assume that a sealed record is mint. Buying from me entitles you to a discount on any order from Music Direct, whether it's a $10 lp or a $100,000 needle. Just look for the discount code included in your box. I simply don't have time to clean every record on my VPI. Your record may be in need of a cleaning! This is currently a 1-man operation in my spare time while running a brick & mortar business and caring for a 8-month old. Perhaps one day I will have some help! However, if you buy used vinyl and you don't yet own your own VPI record cleaning machine, do yourself a favor and take advantage of the discount from Music Direct and get one. It will change your collection and your appreciation of it. Check my other stuff weekly! Save me as a seller, as there's always lots more coming! Amazing stuff coming through the pipes! I don't send out emails every time I list stuff, so save me as a seller to get the updates from Ebay (if they send one). Or be sure to check my listings weekly, just in case Ebay doesn't send you anything. I try to do a listing every week or two, and lots of cool stuff has been going for wayyyy cheaper than if you bought it from one of the more "famous" sellers... I do the very best I can to make everyone happy by grading fairly. I am not perfect and sometimes mistakes happen. Thus, I offer hassle-free returns. If you are unhappy with any aspect of our transaction, please don't take it personally or write something nasty. Just simply let me know that you will return the item for a refund. I take customer service seriously, and I want your positive feedback. Please allow me to earn it. _gsrx_vers_604 (GS 6.9.1 (604))
January 04, 2015 - 06:58:40 PM GMT (over 9 years ago)
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