SUCH A DEAL #SG-17-Lot of (55) Mostly 60's - 80's Southern Gospel, Christian 45s

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July 08, 2020 - 08:24:30 PM GMT (about 1 month ago)
Please read all notes before bidding. Thank you. SUCH A DEAL #SG-17 - - Lot of (55) Mostly 60's - 80's Southern Gospel, Christian 45s For those unfamiliar with my S-A-D listings, here is the skinny - These will not be 'junk' records. They are ALL ORIGINALS, except where specifically noted otherwise - some may even be promos. They are records that either did not sell when listed individually, or are very common items, or may even be by obscure artists. The condition of these is mostly solid VG+ to M-. Most have been cleaned, but some may have a few fingerprints or spots on them - easily cleaned off with a damp tissue. They have all been play graded. I guarantee that you will receive value way beyond starting auction price. Returns will be granted only for full item listing - no partials. Shipping cost will be determined, as always in lots, by weight. Shipping for these lots will be slightly higher than other S-A-D's because of the added picture sleeves (each disk will also have it's own paper sleeve). Since they will be more than 4 pounds, overseas shipping will have to be priority service - PLEASE - overseas buyers, wait until you receive MY invoice - Ebay's calculations are way off! I will only list the artists included in these lots, but you may message me for details on any item. Number in parenthesis tells how many by that artist are included in lot - - there are NO DUPLICATES. I will combine shipping on purchases of more than one item - as usual, whether an individual disk or S-A-D or other Lot listing or combination thereof. Good luck and thanks again for your continued support. Sonrise; Sons of Liberty; The Sorrow Family(6); The Sound(2); Sound Alliance; Sounds of Gospel; Sounds of Joy; The South Side Quartet; The Southern-aires; Southern Harmony(2); Southern Praise; The Southerners(4); The Speers; Billy Sprague; The Stamps Quartet; The Stamps(2); Morris Stancil and the Sounds of Home; The Stanley Family(6); Jan Stark; John Starnes(2); Johnny Starr; The Statesmen Quartet; The Steffin Sisters(3); Monte Stephens; The Stewards(3); The Stewarts(2); Don Stiles Trio; The Stockdales; Bert Stratton; Jimmy Sturr; Ray Sublett; J.D. Sumner(2). This time around I am selling off all of my 55 year collection. This is my personal collection and not something on consignment. All items are guaranteed original for the issue, unless specifically stated otherwise. Our wonderful economic condition has caused me to downsize my lifestyle, and records can no longer be a part of that. My loss is your gain. No reserves, low opening bids and guaranteed satisfaction. Lots of these will be items never or rarely seen on ebay, and all will be sold to the high bidder - no matter what that bid is. Check my feedback and bid with confidence. All items will be pictured and described to the best of my ability. Fourteen day return for full refund including shipping - no questions asked. All items will be well packed. All items will have sleeves and plastic jackets. Please look at my other items as well - - I will combine shipping for the lowest cost. All items will be shipped within 48 hours of receiving cleared payment. I will ship worldwide, but ask that all international buyers wait for an invoice before payment. Ebay's calculations are way overboard. Thanks and good luck to all.Due to some disagreements in stated condition, I find it necessary to define, specifically what my condition rankings are. All record collectors know that condition is a largely subjective thing, so please, prior to 'dissing' me on your feedback, please offer me the opportunity to refund your total purchase price, as has always been stated above, or reach any other mutually satisfactory solution. I always try to be very fair with everyone, and those of you that have dealt with me in the past know this to be true.Mint: Will never be used except in the case of a still sealed LP;M-: Used when the disk's playing surfaces appear to be without any surface marks and the original gloss is apparent;Solid VG+: Used when the disk's playing surfaces have only a couple of, very light surface marks that do not in any way affect sound during playback, or detract from the overall appearance of the disk's gloss;VG+: Used when the disk's playing surfaces have very few light surface marks that may cause very minimal background noise during playback;Almost VG+: Same as VG+ but with more surface marks, but not enough to greatly lower the overall appearance or sound;Strong VG: Used when there are a few more surface marks that are heavier than VG+, but still do not cause loud pops or appreciable background noise. Also used when the overall appearance of the vinyl is affected by the marks, reducing the gloss;VG: Vinyl has several to many surface marks that cause noticeable background noise (crackling) throughout playback, but are not so severe as to cause skipping or loud popping;Items graded lower than VG will not be listed by me unless the item itself is so rare as to be desirable simply for the label or the filling of a hole until a better copy comes along. These items will ALWAYS be noted as such and sold at a drastically lower rate than otherwise. Please contact me through E-Bay's message system with any questions or beefs of any kind. Again - this is MY ranking and not that of any magazine, dealer or website. Thanks, as always for your continued support - - Rube
July 01, 2020 - 08:24:30 PM GMT (about 1 month ago)


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