Tempest - Rock Cafe , 1987 M-/M- rare private German heavy metal 2 song 12" Ep.

$29.00 USD
March 21, 2019 - 01:03:02 AM GMT (3 months ago)
* * * * USA bidders only. This 2-song 12" Ep is a German import. The high sheen style cover is very nice and has a small lower left corner crease being the only flaw to report. There's no seam splits and no cut out marks. The record, held close under a bright light, shows no marks. It looks un-played and it still has a nice high sheen. The inner Lp sleeve is a white color sleeve. This is a very nice keeper copy and you won't need an upgrade. Not an easy record to find now a days so don't miss out on this beauty.* * Save on postage cost with combined multiple winning bids.* * Postage cost: 1-2 Lps = $4.75 , 3 Lps = $5.30 , 4-5 Lps = $5.80 , 6-7 Lps = $7.30 , 8 Lps = $7.80* * This record comes from a smoke free home. * * Last year I shut down a web site I had that specialized in nice condition collectable records. I mostly only sold records in either EX or M- condition. Once in a while I'll have a VG++ record but that would be because it's a really hard to find record. I like my own record collection to be in nice condition, so that's why I choose to sell records that are in the same nice collectable condition that I like them to be in. I have a lot to sell on eBay so keep watching. * * I mail out my records in a professional made box made for shipping records with 2 cardboard inserts, one on each side of the record. I remove the Lp from the cover for shipping so it does not cause any seam splits.* * I mail out records thru the USPS using media mail. I can offer Priority mail, but you will need to contact me with your address so I can figure out the actual cost, as priority mail prices are based on your location. Priority mail includes up to $50.00 worth of insurance.* * I do not make a profit on postage cost over-charges. I only charge enough money to pay for the shipping materials used. Right now the actual cost for medial mail for 1 Lp is $3.27 , The shipping carton cost is .90 cents and the cardboard inserts are .25 cents each, ( that is the price I pay when I buy them ), so $1.40 + $3.27 = $4.67, so I've rounded the cost out to $4.75, which helps pay for the shipping tape used.* * The $4.75 postage cost does “Not” include insurance. I'm “Not” responsible for a record getting damaged when it's being mailed out if you don't have insurance. Insurance cost is $2.20 up to $50.00 worth of insurance, and $2.80 up to $100.00 worth of insurance. So if you want your record(s) insured, please contact me first before you pay me and then I'll send out an invoice to you with insurance cost included. * * I`ve been on eBay since October 1998 , and if there's one thing I've learned from having many winning bids as a buyer, is that “OVER GRADING” runs rampant. There`s way too many people listing records on eBay that are blind in one eye and can't see very well out of there other eye when it comes to grading a record. A lot of times “Near Mint” has come to mean "looks great from 6 feet away". And all other grades has come to mean “probably belongs at a flea market”. My grading is very strict. I have been selling records for over 20 years now and I know how to properly grade a record. I gently clean off the dust and then I'll hold the record close under a 100 watt light at different angles for inspection. It`s a real simple thing to do and as a collector I wish everyone listing records on eBay would do the same. * * * * USA bidders only.
March 14, 2019 - 01:03:02 AM GMT (3 months ago)
45 RPM


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