test pressing MERCYFUL FATE Don't Break The Oath LP Roadrunner 1984 heavy metal

$910.00 USD
August 10, 2018 - 02:15:42 AM GMT (4 months ago)
Test-pressing-mercyful-fate-don-t-break-the-oath-lp-roadrunner-1984-heavy-metal_41150874 Test-pressing-mercyful-fate-don-t-break-the-oath-lp-roadrunner-1984-heavy-metal_41150884 Test-pressing-mercyful-fate-don-t-break-the-oath-lp-roadrunner-1984-heavy-metal_41150902
This is an auction for a TEST PRESSING of Mercyful Fate LP "Don't Break the Oath". We test played the record. It plays all the way through on side one. No problem. ____________________________________________________________ The first song on side 2 "The oath" has a scratch on the record. The scratch is in the quiet intro of the song. Right before the guitars and drums kick in. It plays through the intro, but there are pops throughout the quiet intro. Once the guitars and drums kick in there are no pops etc. The rest of side 2 plays with no pops etc. Shipping in the USA will be $6 plus insurance. For Bidders outside the USA, This will only be shipped through EBAY's Global Shipping Program. NO OTHER OPTION.
July 31, 2018 - 02:15:42 AM GMT (5 months ago)
Heavy Metal
Test-pressing-mercyful-fate-don-t-break-the-oath-lp-roadrunner-1984-heavy-metal_41150915 Test-pressing-mercyful-fate-don-t-break-the-oath-lp-roadrunner-1984-heavy-metal_41150923 Test-pressing-mercyful-fate-don-t-break-the-oath-lp-roadrunner-1984-heavy-metal_41150936 Test-pressing-mercyful-fate-don-t-break-the-oath-lp-roadrunner-1984-heavy-metal_41150954 Test-pressing-mercyful-fate-don-t-break-the-oath-lp-roadrunner-1984-heavy-metal_41150969 Test-pressing-mercyful-fate-don-t-break-the-oath-lp-roadrunner-1984-heavy-metal_41150986 Test-pressing-mercyful-fate-don-t-break-the-oath-lp-roadrunner-1984-heavy-metal_41150996


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