The Beatles Please Please Me VJ 498 with “Beattles” Misspelling

$1,200.00 USD
July 11, 2018 - 05:48:19 PM GMT (5 months ago)
The-beatles-please-please-me-vj-498-with-beattles-misspelling_40550488 The-beatles-please-please-me-vj-498-with-beattles-misspelling_40550489 The-beatles-please-please-me-vj-498-with-beattles-misspelling_40550494
Up for bid is a Beatles “Please Please Me” VJ 498 with the sought after “Beattles” misspelling. This was part of my father in law’s collection and has been stored in a dry, smoke-free environment for the past five decades. He was not the biggest Beatles fan, but he was a DJ and knew the band name was misspelled as soon as he saw it. He took the record out of the Vee Jay sleeve, put it in a heavy duty sleeve, wrote his name on it (sorry), and put it away. The record has never been played. Please see photos, as they can tell you all you need to know about the condition. I did my best to capture the run-out, as I know these are popular with counterfeiters. This one is the real deal. I took it out of the storage box and took pictures right away. Any questions, please ask.
July 06, 2018 - 05:48:19 PM GMT (5 months ago)
The-beatles-please-please-me-vj-498-with-beattles-misspelling_40550495 The-beatles-please-please-me-vj-498-with-beattles-misspelling_40550499 The-beatles-please-please-me-vj-498-with-beattles-misspelling_40550503 The-beatles-please-please-me-vj-498-with-beattles-misspelling_40550509 The-beatles-please-please-me-vj-498-with-beattles-misspelling_40550512 The-beatles-please-please-me-vj-498-with-beattles-misspelling_40550513 The-beatles-please-please-me-vj-498-with-beattles-misspelling_40550514


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