The Beatles - The Beatles' Second Album - Vinyl Record LP

$19.50 USD
December 07, 2018 - 02:00:01 AM GMT (9 days ago)
The-beatles-the-beatles-second-album-vinyl-record-lp_43808298 The-beatles-the-beatles-second-album-vinyl-record-lp_43808302 The-beatles-the-beatles-second-album-vinyl-record-lp_43808306
This is the vinyl album "The Beatles' Second Album" by The Beatles. This classic vinyl album is an original first pressing, and was released in 1964 and includes the classics: Roll Over Beethoven Money Please Mr. Postman She Loves You And many more! The record itself is in very good condition (VG) with very few visible marks but no scratches and has no affect to how it plays. The cover is also in very good condition (VG). This album looks and sounds great! Don't miss out!
November 30, 2018 - 02:00:01 AM GMT (16 days ago)
33 RPM
The-beatles-the-beatles-second-album-vinyl-record-lp_43808310 The-beatles-the-beatles-second-album-vinyl-record-lp_43808318


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